The World's Most Powerful People Descend on England for a Secret Meeting. You're Probably Not Invited

Matt Berman

On Friday night, Henry Kissinger, Timothy Geithner, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron will meet at a luxury hotel in Watford, England, along with a total of 140 delegates from 21 countries. For three days, they will discuss the major problems facing the world. This is the Bilderberg Group meeting, but it is easy to mistake it as some vast nouveau-Freemason conspiracy. But it is likely far less ominous and far more boring than it sounds.

The Bilderberg Group, which is highly private and features some of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet, was founded in 1954. The stated purpose of the group's meetings is to help "foster dialogue between Europe and North America through off-the-record conversations."

To some people, the group is anything but innocuous. There is plenty of paranoia surrounding Bilderberg, including a truly lovely Yahoo! Answers chain on the evidence (or lack thereof) that the group is one of the secretly world-dominating Illuminati. The chain is kicked off with this conversation-starter:



As you may expect, the group's meetings have often been met with swarms of protesters. 

All of which doesn't make the trip to the exclusive meeting so simple for David Cameron. Cameron, who once pledged to lead the a new era of transparency in the U.K., has been put on the defensive over his involvement with the ultra-private group. You'd think it'd be easier to get around public sentiment for a secret Master of the Universe.