World's First Driving Dog Goes Viral

Charlie White

We told you about the world's first driving dogs back in December when they were in training, and now a video of one of them driving around a track has reached viral status on YouTube.

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Teaching dogs to drive is a project of the Auckland, New Zealand SPCA, where the organization teamed up with carmaker Mini Cooper in a social media awareness campaign.

What they're trying to prove in this publicity stunt is that many abandoned pets are whip-smart, trainable and can even do surprising things.

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Heck, they can even be molded into good drivers if you so desire (all well and good, but not in my backyard -- keep that part in New Zealand).

As you can see in the video, Porter, the world's first driving dog, is using a paw-activated accelerator and brake to pilot the vehicle. He's doing pretty well at the wheel, albeit at a snail's pace and requiring considerable micromanaging from his trainer. Don't try this at home, folks -- it's a "professional driver" on a closed track. Never mind that the pro driver is being paid in dog biscuits.

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It's not surprising that dogs can drive, given their enthusiasm for sticking their heads out the windows of moving cars. We're thinking Porter is a much better driver than many we've seen recently. Even so, were hoping these driving dogs don't add to the highway chaos anywhere near here.

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Pic and video courtesy Auckland SPCA

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