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U.S. to tackle trade secret theft from China, others

WASHINGTON - White House says it will step up diplomatic

pressure and study whether tougher laws are needed to stop wave

of trade secret theft from China and other countries in

strategy that offers few new ideas for dealing with threat.

(USA-TRADE/SECRETS (UPDATE 2), moved, by Doug Palmer, 414 words)

Spy agencies scrounge for details on North Korean nuclear


WASHINGTON/SEOUL - U.S. and allied spy agencies find no

traces of telltale nuclear-related particles from North Korea's

Feb. 12 nuclear bomb test, leaving unresolved basic questions

about device's design, according to officials in United States,

Europe and South Korea. (KOREA-NORTH/NUCLEAR-USA, moved, by Mark

Hosenball and Jack Kim, 758 words)

Americans seek illegal immigrants' deportation in poll

WASHINGTON - Surprisingly high number of Americans in

Reuters/Ipsos poll seek deportation for illegal immigrants,

as Republican Sen. John McCain gets grief at meeting from

Arizona constituents angry at lack of security on border with

Mexico (USA-IMMIGRATION/, moving shortly, by Rachelle Younglai,

700 words)

Witness heard 'non-stop shouting' before Pistorius shooting

PRETORIA - Witness hears "non-stop shouting" in home of

South African athletics star Oscar Pistorius shortly before his

girlfriend is shot dead, detective leading murder investigation

says. (SAFRICA-PISTORIUS/ (UPDATE 6, PIX, TV), moved, by David

Dolan and Peroshni Govender, 919 words)

Rome will burn, regardless of Italian election result

ROME - Regardless of who wins next weekend's parliamentary

election, Italy's long economic decline is likely to continue

because next government won't be strong enough to pursue tough

reforms needed to make its economy competitive again.


Stott, 1,997 words)

French special forces in Cameroon helping hostage probe

YAOUNDE - French special forces arrive in northern Cameroon

to help locate French family who were kidnapped and moved to

Nigeria, local governor says. (CAMEROON-KIDNAPPING/FRANCE

(UPDATE 2, TV, PIX), moved, by Tansa Musa, 710 words)


Panetta notifies Congress of Pentagon plan to furlough


WASHINGTON - U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta formally

notifies Congress that Pentagon plans to put civilian defense

employees on unpaid leave this year if $46 billion in

across-board budget cuts take effect March 1.

(USA-FISCAL/DEFENSE (UPDATE 2), moved, by David Alexander, 731


Ex-congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. pleads guilty to fund


WASHINGTON - One-time Democratic Party rising star Jesse

Jackson Jr., weeping and repentant as his famous father looks

on, pleads guilty to misusing about $750,000 in campaign funds

on luxuries such as fur capes and Rolex watch.

(USA-CRIME/JACKSON (UPDATE 4, PIX), moved, by David Ingram, 707


U.S. top court bars defendant's retrial after judge errs

WASHINGTON - U.S. Supreme Court says Michigan cannot retry

defendant whose arson conviction had been thrown out by trial

judge who mistakenly required state prosecutors to prove more

than they needed. (USA-COURT/DOUBLEJEOPARDY (UPDATE 3), moved,

by Jonathan Stempel, 826 words)

Obama settles on EPA, Energy Department nominees -source

WASHINGTON - President Obama intends to nominate air quality

expert Gina McCarthy to lead U.S. Environmental Protection

Agency and nuclear physicist Ernest Moniz to head Department of

Energy as early as this week, according to source familiar with

process. (OBAMA-CABINET/EPA-ENERGY (UPDATE 2), moved, by Jeff

Mason and Roberta Rampton, 727 words)

Obama urged to take bolder steps on Cuba policy

MIAMI - Soon after taking office in 2009 Obama

administration announced major shift in policy toward Cuba,

loosening restrictions on travel and remittances to communist

island. Four years on, in response to reform process under way

in Cuba, White House comes under barrage of recommendations for

further engagement with Havana to encourage greater economic and

political freedoms. (USA-CUBA/POLICY, expect by 0000 GMT/7 PM

ET, by David Adams, 740 words)


Ecuador's Correa vows to make socialist revolution


QUITO - Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa says his party

likely wins three-quarters of seats in Congress in election and

vows to "steamroll" through reforms that will make his socialist

model irreversible. (ECUADOR-ELECTION/ (PIX, TV), moved, by

Eduardo Garcia 690 words)

Bolivia's Morales says was unable to see Chavez in Venezuela

UNITED NATIONS - Bolivian President Evo Morales says he was

unable to see his friend, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, when

he stopped in Caracas on his way to United Nations in New York

because the socialist leader was still being treated for cancer.

(VENEZUELA-BOLIVIA/, moved, by Michelle Nichols, 427 words)


British PM regrets 'deeply shameful' colonial Indian


AMRITSAR, India - David Cameron becomes first serving

British prime minister to voice regret about one of bloodier

episodes in colonial India, massacre of unarmed civilians in


moved, by Andrew Osborn, 803 words)

+ See also:

- INDIA-STRIKE/(UPDATE 1, PIX, TV), moved, by Annie Banerji,

611 words

Boeing close to fixing Dreamliner battery -source

NEW DELHI - Boeing finds way to fix battery problems on its

grounded 787 Dreamliner jets that involves increasing space

between lithium ion battery cells, source familiar with U.S.

company's plans tells Reuters. (BOEING-DREAMLINER/BATTERY

(UPDATE 4), moved, by Anurag Kotoky, 593 words)


French general urges EU to equip 'impoverished' Mali army

BAMAKO, Mali - European Union should complement mission to

train Mali's army, routed by rebels last year, by providing

equipment from uniforms to vehicles and communications

technology, French general says. (MALI-REBELS\EU (TV), moved, by

Pascal Fletcher, 692 words)


Tunisia seeks new premier to escape political crisis

TUNIS - Tunisian leaders begin search for new prime minister

to try to lead North African nation out of its gravest political

crisis since uprising that inspired wave of Arab revolts two

years ago. (TUNISIA-POLITICS/ (UPDATE 2, PIX), moved, by Tarek

Amara, 787 words)

+ See also:

- TUNISIA-ECONOMY/POLITICS, moved, by Tarek Amara, 1,005


Missile blast wounds Syrian rebel commander - activists

AMMAN - Missile strikes command centre of main Syrian rebel

force near Damascus, wounding its leader, activists say, and

soccer player is killed when mortar shell hits stadium in centre

of capital. (SYRIA-CRISIS/REBEL (UPDATE 3), moved, 300 words)

Tehran's Azadi Tower, witness to history, victim of neglect

DUBAI - Tehran's Azadi Tower stood through Iran's explosive

revolution in 1979 and eight-year-long war with Iraq in 1980s.

But monument falls victim to neglect and shoddy repairs, and

suffers from extensive internal water damage. (IRAN-AZADI/

(PIX), moved, by Yeganeh Torbati, 984 words)

+ See also:

- IRAN-AZADI/ (FACTBOX), moved, 300 words


Pope may change conclave rules before leaving - Vatican

VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict may change rules governing

conclave that will secretly elect his successor, move that could

move up global meeting of cardinals who are already in touch

about who could best lead Catholics through period of crisis.


Pullella, 979 words)

'Keep your so-called workers,' U.S. boss tells France

PARIS - CEO of U.S. tyre maker delivers crushing summary of

how some outsiders view France's work ethic in letter saying he

would have to be stupid to take over factory whose staff only

put in three hours work per day. (FRANCE-WORKERS/ (UPDATE 3),

moved, by Emmanuel Jarry and Catherine Bremer, 941 words)


Mini planet found far beyond Earth's solar system

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Astronomers find mini planet beyond

our solar system that is smallest of more than 800 extra-solar

planets discovered, scientists say. (SPACE-PLANETS/ (PIX),

moved, by Irene Klotz, 489 words)