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U.S. drone strike kills Pakistan Taliban commander-sources

WANA, Pakistan - A U.S. drone strike kills a key Taliban

commander, his deputy and eight others in northwest Pakistan,

intelligence sources and tribal leaders say, deaths that could

alter the power balance in the Taliban heartland of Waziristan.

(PAKISTAN-DRONE/ (UPDATE 2, PICTURE), moved, by Hafiz Wazir, 800


Mursi's Brotherhood may pay price for Egypt currency fall

CAIRO - Life in Egypt is about to get harder for ordinary

people who will bear the brunt of inflation caused by a decline

in the value of their currency. As elections approach, President

Mohamed Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood may pay a political price.

(EGYPT-CURRENCY/POLITICS, moved, by Tom Perry, 900 words)

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Bigger fights loom after U.S. 'fiscal cliff' deal

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama and congressional

Republicans face even bigger budget battles in the next two

months after a hard-fought "fiscal cliff" deal narrowly avers

devastating tax increases and spending cuts. (USA-FISCAL/

(WRAPUP 4, PICTURE, TV, GRAPHICS), moved, by Thomas Ferraro and

John Whitesides, 1,110 words)

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Monti aims to cut out extremes on Italy's left and right

ROME - Outgoing Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, who is

bidding for a second term in February elections, says that

cutting out extreme elements of the left and right wing

coalitions will make it easier to push on with reforms.

(ITALY-VOTE/, expect by 1130 GMT/6 AM ET, 500 words)


Alaska oil rig drags tugs for miles before grounding

LONDON/ANCHORAGE, Alaska - An oil rig that ran aground in

Alaska on New Year's Eve in "near hurricane" conditions drags

two vessels trying to control it more than 10 miles (16 km)

toward a wave-battered rocky shore before the crews cut it loose

to save themselves. (ALASKA-SHIP/ (UPDATE 5), moved, by Andrew

Callus and Yereth Rosen, 900 words)


Father of Indian gang rape victim wants guilty hanged

NEW DELHI - The father of an Indian student whose gang rape

and death sparked public outrage against the government has

demanded that those responsible be hanged and calld for new

legislation on sex crimes to be named in honour of his daughter.

(INDIA-RAPE/ (PICTURE, TV), moved, 650 words)


Boehner sets House votes on Sandy aid after Republican


WASHINGTON - House Speaker John Boehner abruptly reverses

course and set a timetable to approve $60 billion in Superstorm

Sandy relief, after fellow Republicans including New Jersey

Governor Chris Christie heap scorn on his cancellation of an

earlier vote. (STORM-SANDY/AID (UPDATE 3), moved, by David

Lawder and Ian Simpson, 830 words)


Entering the age of the $1 million medicine

LONDON - The Western world's first gene therapy to fix

faulty genes promises to transform the lives of patients with an

ultra-rare disease that clogs their blood with fat, when it goes

on sale in Europe in the summer. But the likely price tag of

more than $1 million poses a fresh challenge for healthcare


1130 GMT/6.30 AM ET, by Ben Hirschler, 1,300 words)