‘World’s largest’ bounce house returns to Sacramento area next weekend. How much are tickets?

If you’re looking for an activity that the entire family can enjoy, maybe the answer is massive inflatable houses.

The “world’s largest” bounce house returns to Sacramento County this fall with a 32-foot-tall attraction expanding more than 16,000 square feet, according to a news release. The event will feature three other themed destinations — aliens, sports and obstacles — at Bradley Ranch Winery in Elk Grove.

Inside, you’ll be surrounded by slides, ball pits, basketball hoops, climbing equipment, a DJ, music and games.

The Big Bounce America will pump up its custom built inflatables at 11070 Bradley Ranch Road from Saturday, Sept. 30 to Sunday, Oct. 1 and then again between Friday, Oct. 6 and Sunday, Oct. 8.

The sooner you wait to get tickets, the more expensive they’ll be, according to Big Bounce America’s website.

Ticket prices range from $22 for children 3 and under to $42 for people 16 and up.

Prices start at $35 for all other kids.

Kids 3 and under must be accompanied by an adult with their own ticket.

Each session is three hours long and no spectators are allowed.

Big Bounce House returns to Sacramento

Location: Bradley Ranch Winery - 11070 Bradley Ranch Road, Elk Grove

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