WORLD: Israel top diplomat: The Middle East is in turmoil

By Aftab Borka Journal Register News Service DETROIT — “The Middle East is in turmoil”.That’s the message from Israel’s top diplomat in the Midwest, Roey Gilad, the country’s new regional consul general.Addressing a luncheon at Detroit Athletic Center on Thursday, Gilad said it’s not the Israeli-Palestine conflict, but the entire region from Egypt to Iran is in danger.“Unfortunately, the middle east has become a very dangerous place. We are facing so many challenges that we have to be very careful to make sure that we make no mistakes”, said Gilad. He highlighted the nature of politics in the region by giving examples of leaders in Egypt, Libya and most recently Syria who have used massive force against their own people. And with that kind of history, Gilad said it would be extremely difficult for Jews to live in that region without a powerful state.“Living in the middle east as a minority? No thanks”, Gilad said.He made Israel’s case for it’s use of force against Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that does not recognize Israel’s right to exist, saying that his country had no option left after it’s citizens were bombarded with thousands of rockets fired by Hamas.Over a hundred people were killed in the recent violence that lasted about a week, with most casualties on the Palestinian side.Gilad said a solution to the conflict is impossible unless Palestinians, especially Hamas, recognize Israel as a Jewish state.“The biggest issue is for the Palestinians to agree that the Zionist state of Israel is eventually a Jewish state” Gilad said, adding that the issue of occupied territories is not the main problem. Continued... 1 2 See Full Story Regarding his hopes of seeing a solution to the conflict, Gilad said when they look at Palestinians, on one hand they have the ‘unwilling’ and on the other they have the ‘unable’. Gilad suggested that there is a growing feeling among the Palestinians that this issue should be resolved peacefully, but those moderate voices, he said, are not powerful enough.But despite all of that, he believes there might be a miracle one day.“There is a saying in the middle east: if you don’t believe in miracles you are not realistic”, he said. 1 2 See Full Story 1 2 3 See Full Story 1 2 3 4 See Full Story Return to Paging Mode