World’s highest paid athlete has taxpayers paying his rent

Ryan Lovelace - The Daily Caller

The world’s richest athlete is undefeated boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather. He made $85 million last year from fights against Victor Ortiz and Miguel Cotto.

Mayweather, nicknamed “Money,” is currently serving a three-month jail sentence in a room one-third the size of a boxing ring in Las Vegas, Nev.

Number two on the list is Manny Pacquiao, a fellow boxer and rival who lost to Tim Bradley on June 9, with $62 million in earnings and endorsements.

Tiger Woods, who had held first place on Forbes’ highest paid athletes list since 2001, fell to third after earning just $59.4 million.

Only two women, tennis players Maria Sharapova and Li Na, made the list, while the NFL had 30 players make the cut.
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World's highest paid athlete has taxpayers paying his rent

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