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'Twas the night before Christmas, and high above your house, U.S. astronauts Mike Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio repaired the International Space Station.

It took nearly seven hours for the two men to successfully remove a degraded pump module and start up a new one. The engineers completed the repairs in two parts; the first on December 22, and the second on December 24. It was just the second time in NASA history a spacewalk occurred on Christmas Eve.

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Below, images of the astronauts having themselves a spacey little Christmas:

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Rick Mastracchio holds the degraded pump module while the International Space Station's robotic arm guides the module. | (NASA TV)

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Mike Hopkins is seen at the end of the robotic arm on the International Space Station. | (REUTERS/NASA/Handout via Reuters)

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Hopkins works outside the station. | (REUTERS/NASA/Handout)

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Mastracchio completes the first Expedition 38 spacewalk. | (NASA)

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