When Working in Congress, Don't Drink and Tweet

Three staffers for Rep. Rick Larsen have learned today that it's a pretty terrible idea to tweet about being drunk on the job if you work on Capitol Hill. The two legislative assistants and one legislative correspondent  tweeted for several days about their plans to have a "December to Remember," (that's #D2R to you) which Politico describes as "a mission to spend the final month of the legislative session partying under the patronage of [Larsen]." The accounts have since been deleted, Politico reports, but the Daily Marker, a local website that found the tweets that Larsen's office apparently missed, published many of them in a story, which is what tipped the staff off. Highlights include: "I destroyed my work blackberry. Twitter will have to suffice as our mode of communication. D2R is making its mark." (Note, when drinking causes you to break your phone, it's probably best not to then take to the public forum of Twitter with your thoughts.) Also: "My coworker just took a shot of jack crouching behind my desk. We have unabashedly given up on just about all things work related." And perhaps most tactfully, "It was a nice touch when you referred to the boss as a p---y at the end of the day." Larsen's office took pretty swift action once they read the article, firing the three aides within hours. "Congressman Larsen is disappointed by their actions and takes this very seriously. He has made it clear that he will not tolerate this kind of behavior," his office said in a statement. We sort of thought publicly calling your boss a profanity something we'd all learned by now is a horrible idea, but little rules like that get so hazy when you're having a December to Remember, we guess.