Workgroup Cloud Drive Includes 1TB of HP Cloud Storage

All of us have hit the too-big-for-email wall or worked on the wrong version of a presentation. Sharing and synchronizing files with your team should be as easy as saving a document to a folder. Gladinet, a provider of cloud storage access solutions, allows you to access HP Cloud Object Storage as if it were a local drive. This makes it extremely easy to manage and share documents, images and videos. Until November 24th, 2012, you can get 1 Terabyte of HP Cloud Object Storage when you sign up for Gladinet’s Team Edition.

HP Cloud Object Storage allows you to store and retrieve files from a highly reliable cluster of online servers. Gladinet leverages the power of this service to provide simple collaboration, file storage, backup and team workspace solutions. It also supports smooth integration with existing local storage to create a hybrid cloud with centrally managed, unified access.

Jerry Huang, Gladinet’s CEO, states that, “A powerful use case involves attaching a local folder to HP Cloud Object Storage to provide highly secure, remote access to any desktop or mobile device. In this scenario, the local folder can be synchronized with the HP Cloud Object Storage regardless of where changes occur, and because there is a local copy, the data remains accessible even when Internet connectivity is lost.”

Team Collaboration Features

In addition to the cloud drive features users expect such as password protected download links for external users and web browser access to files, Gladinet collaboration features include:

Map your cloud storage as a network drive. Having a drive letter on your desktop for cloud storage makes it easy to share and backup your files simply by placing them in a Gladinet folder.
Sync any local folder to cloud storage. Right-click any local folder and select "Attach to Gladinet Cloud." The attached local folder will be synchronized with the cloud.
Mobile access to your files from anywhere using native apps on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
Unify access to distributed cloud storage. You can attach local folders from multiple servers in multiple locations to your Gladinet Cloud team account. The folders will appear under the root folder of your Gladinet drive to provide a unified view of the file structures across multiple sites.

File locking. To make sure only one person at a time can make changes to a file, you can manually lock files inside a team folder. If you are using an Office application on files stored in your Gladinet Drive, the file will be locked automatically.

Security Features

You can protect your data through granular access control and encryption:

  • Folder Level Permission. You can assign users read-only or full-access control at the team folder level and for individual folders within the team folder.
  • Encryption. Stored data is encrypted on your devices and in the HP Cloud. Data in transit is encrypted via SSL.
  • 1Terabyte will provide you with ample storage to use for sharing and synchronizing files. You can try the Gladinet Team Edition software free for 30 days. If by the end of your 30-day free trial, you purchase a Gladinet team account with a minimum of three users signed to the account, you can keep your 1TB of HP Cloud Object Storage. Terms and conditions and sign up here.