Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Nov. 26

Red Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of House.
Red Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of House.


$540,000, 145 Tuckerman Rd, Digeronimo, Leon, and Digeronimo, Carol A, to Elsea, Trinity, and Elsea, Tasha.$534,750, 171 Rindge Tpke, Morin, Gregory J, to Hackney, James, and Harwood, Jessica.$475,000, 47 Dunn Rd, Hackney, James A, to Nankunda, Octavia.$360,000, 102 S Main St, Mcdermott, Stephen T, to Raymon, Lisa A.$325,000, Winchendon Rd, Winchendon Forest LLC, to Ma Audubon Society Inc.$90,000, 29 Depot Rd, Tallage Davis LLC, to F & J Const & Res LLC.


$569,000, 17 Saratoga Rd, Senior, Leslie, and Senior, Devin, to Gonzalez, Wilbert A.$520,000, 3 Rochelle St, Gendreau, Brian, to Collins, Keith.$420,000, 33 Colonial Rd, Lantiegne, Lauren B, to Davis, Ethan M, and Davis, Jessica B.$415,000, 49 Barbara Ave, Lemoine Bonnie H Est, and Lemoine, Christopher, to Baptiste, Marie C.$400,000, 27 Homestead Ave, Goodrau, Sheila A, to Phaneuf, Angela.


$339,900, 12-16 Church St, Flanagan, Marsha A, to Coll, David D.$211,555, 380 Cutler Rd, Mtg Equity Conversion T 2, and U S Bank Na Tr, to Golando, Daniel P.


$205,000, Lancaster Rd, Hansen, Christopher R, and Hansen, Krystal L, to Savoie Modular Homes Inc.


$650,000, 142 Lincoln St, Jolicoeur, Gary, to Laforest, Christine A, and Laforest, Daniel J.$410,000, 2-4 Howard St, Hennigan, Mark F, to Silva, Thiago.$400,000, 15 Carter Ave, Tancrelle, Deborah L, and Vilnit, Patricia L, to Thornquist, Nicholas R.$240,000, 22-24 Church St, Pisani, Sheila M, to Carpentier, James.


$870,000, 134 Long Hill Rd, Wade, Jim, and Wade, Kathy, to Cushing, Alexander R, and Cushing, Nicole G.$770,000, 348 S Bolton Rd, Buchinski, Barry, and Buchinski, Gwen A, to Oneil, Stephen A, and Devito, Julie E.


$876,000, 30 Twin Spring Dr, Shimer Jr, George H, and Brown-Shimer, Sheryl L, to Barron, Sivana, and White, William.


$100,000, 113 Cubles Dr, Forbes, Jerry J, and Forbes, Gina M, to Steerage Rock Prop LLC.


$580,000, 32 Webber Rd, Bosen, Trevor N, and Bosen, Johanna C, to Oday, Sharron H, and Meeker, William L.$380,947, 1 Pine Ln, Bean, Brionne C, and Pennymac Loan Svcs LLC, to Pennymac Loan Svcs LLC.$304,900, 18 Post Rd, Hadley Path LLC, to Rahisikha LLC.$304,900, 21 Maple St, Hadley Path LLC, to Rahisikha LLC.$199,900, 11 Main St, Seymour 3rd, Herbert F, to Jubinville, Matthew K, and Khan, Shamaila Z.


$499,900, 30 Lincoln Point Rd, Forrett, Justin A, and Larocco, Dawn, to Lamountain, Peter D, and Lamountain, Christine A.$185,000, Sandersdale Rd, Skarbros Realty Inc, to Youself Rt, and Daou, Joseph.$175,500, 93 Center Depot Rd #53, Guinta, Joseph, and Guinta, Emily, to Jansen, Karen.$87,500, Jennings Rd, Gair LLC, to Hyder, Vaughn.


$520,000, 36 Norman St, Chen, Shuzhen, and Li, Xiuru, to White, Lawrence.$500,000, 23 Auburn St, Trautner, James E, and Trautner, Deborah, to Aguilar, Darbin A.$425,000, 417 Berlin St, Assabet Realty LLC, to Sena, Fransirlei, and Sena, Dayana C.$390,000, 661 Devenwood Way #661, Dirosario, William J, and Dirosario, Kerrie L, to Nivorozhkin, Vitaly, and Nivorozhkina, Yelena.$375,000, 617 Devenwood Way #617, Vetras Phyllis K Est, and Vetras, Thomas A, to Alper, Dmitry, and Plisova, Margarita.$250,000, 447 Berlin St, Routhier, J P, to Clinton Grnway Conservati.$215,000, 115-117 Mechanic St, Messer, Igor, and Messer, Rhonda, to Cardona Builders LLC.$170,000, 12 Oak St, Mickelson, Mary A, and Mtg Assets Managemnt LLC, to Hb2 Alternative Hldg LLC.


$675,000, 23 Hilltop Dr, Champagne, Keith L, and Champagne, Karolyn T, to Heckler, Gretchen, and Cardarelli, Jonathon.$610,000, 31 Webster St, Lukianuk, Richard, and Lukianuk, Lee A, to Ghoummid, Said, and Hsissou, Fatima.$490,000, 191 Walnut St, Fernandes, Danielle, to Bryant, Andrew, and Bryant, Amanda.$464,900, 2 Nautical Way #2, Arpin, Gary P, and Arpin, Noreen F, to Patel, Mayurkumar.


$5,100,000, 123 Oxford Ave, Three R S Realty Corp, to Strategic Com Realty Inc.$5,100,000, 153 Oxford Ave, Three R S Realty Corp, to Strategic Com Realty Inc.$630,000, 185 Oxford Ave, Oconnor, Maureen E, and Oconnor, Thomas F, to Cappabianco Jr, Michael A, and Cappabianco, Lisa E.$435,000, 26 June St, Perreault, Samantha, and Perreault, Kyle D, to Warren, Stanley G.$425,000, 75 Marsh Rd, Restated Kulisa T, and Tierney, Lynn A, to Radcliffe, David, and Radcliffe, Heather.$375,000, 127 Dresser Hill Rd, Gervais, Pamela J, to Campbell, Rebecca L, and Turner, Paul R.$200,000, 16 Delaney Ave, Berube Rose V Est, and Berube, Thomas, to Johansen, Maryann.

East Brookfield

$155,000, 113 Paula Cir, Garvey, Ricky D, and Fed Hm Loan Mtg Corp Tr, to Markopoulos, Nicholas.$75,000, Howe St, Barnes, Rae A, to K & M Inc.


$530,000, 156 Caspian Way #156, Jones-Miller, Debbie J, to Digeronimo, Leon, and Digeronimo, Carol.$465,000, 21 Smith St, Williamson, Jamel, to Macgregor, Bennett E.$435,000, 54 Grand St, Vazquez, Wyljenny A, and Lebron, Kevin, to Abreu, Yansel, and Abreu, Giselle.$425,000, 208 Woodland St, Pisciotta, Ruthann C, and Barnhart, Roy H, to Harteis, Aerevyn M.$385,000, 64 Bishop Rd, Lynch, Stephen J, to Tejada, Luis.$375,000, 45 Saint Martin St, Leger, Kevin, and Leger, Debra, to Cote, Joseph P.$375,000, 556 Pearl St, Singh, Damoder, and Singh, Balbir K, to Griffith-Bittner Rt, and Griffith, Barbara R.$370,000, 414 Theresa St, Kymalainen, Peter A, to Lafleur, Nicolas R, and Lafleur, Briana L.$340,000, 10 Morgan Way #10, Aubuchon, Felicia I, and Aubuchon, Timothy X, to Banker, Deane S, and Ordonez, Jessica.$340,000, 488 Ashburnham St, Thomas, Daniel M, to Ebtlht LLC.$330,000, 2 Arden Mills Way #2203, Keese Ft, and Keese, John W, to Titus, Marion, and Silverthorn, Jeremy R.$315,000, 21 Harrison Ave, Avila, Quintin, to Ward, Katherine A, and Ward, Jean M.$315,000, 41 Fox St, Ranno, Gary J, and Ranno, Tina M, to 41 Fox Street LLC.$262,000, 80 Kimball Rd, Bernier, David, to Encalada, Luis A.$250,000, 528 John Fitch Hwy, E C P Rt, and Hebert, Judith A, to Manish T, and Patel, Payush.$130,000, 557 Airport Rd #49, Fitchburg Pilots Assn Eaa, to Huntress Ventures LLC, and Kintla LLC.$85,000, King St #61, Xarras, James L, to Brennan Industries Inc.$85,000, King St #62, Xarras, James L, to Brennan Industries Inc.


$531,900, 171 Vernon St, Millennium Hldg Group LLC, to Mapleleaf Rentals LLC.$462,000, 80 Oak St, Leblanc, Patricia M, to Da Silva, Elias G.$450,000, 377 Parker St, 377 Parker Rt, and Jacques, Michael S, to 377 Parker Street LLC.$420,000, 25 Wright St, M&h Investments LLC, to Richard Holdings LLC.$292,000, 282 Parker St, Jiri LLC, to Alouider, Elijah.$273,850, 188 Fernwood Dr, Lakeview Loan Servicing L, to Calderon, Eduardo.$257,500, 26 Century Way #26, Bowers, Mark D, and Hall, Jessica A, to Heiniluoma, Barry, and Heiniluoma, Kathleen M.$245,000, 235 Barthel Ave, Obrien, Kathleen, and Robichaud, Virginia E, to Benjamin, Casey E.$239,900, 67 S Main St, Wood, Jeffrey, to Torres, Alexis S, and Santiago, Jasmin.$65,000, 68 Acadia Rd, Bassett, Todd, to Coponen, Roy.$60,000, 172 Parker St, Aksadi, Ossama, and Aksadi, Achraf, to Orth, Sandro, and Dasilva, Celso.


$1,075,000, 122 Magill Dr, Ufret-Vincenty, Maria L, to Archambault, Steven, and Archambault, Heather.$1,050,000, 114 Magill Dr, Highfields Dev Corportati, to Obrien, Kyle E, and Obrien, Katherine E.$885,000, 3 Gershom Dr, Sagerian, Robert P, and Sagerian, Jennifer G, to Rahman, Mohammed S, and Rahman, Angela M.$635,000, 22 Eseks Cir, Shah, Varun, and Shah, Priyanki, to Basate, Siddharam.$602,000, 161 Brigham Hill Rd, Ellen M Shepherd RET, and Fritz, Mary E, to Mithcell, Jesse T.$495,000, 12 Azalea Ln #12, Pintard, Nicole, and Rice, Michael J, to Thomasian, Jeffrey.$380,000, 16 Milford Rd #12, Donald Harvey Lt, and Harvey, Donald, to Bauman, Kenneth, and Bauman, Joanne.$370,000, 17 Nottingham Rd #17, Mcelroy Sr, John M, to Kornelyuk, Taras, and Kornelyuk, Vanessa.$217,400, 15 Luka Dr #15, Phillips, Jill, to Abdelshaed, Joseph Y, and Meawad, Enas A.$125,000, 114 Magill Dr, Magill Associates Inc, to Highfields Dev Corp.


$1,100,000, 9 Eldridge Rd, Kelley, John D, and Kelley, Shannon R, to Macdonald, Raymond L, and Macdonald, Julia S.


$910,000, 27 Autumn Cir, Ciccarelli, Michael D, and Ciccarelli, Carol, to Tartaglino, Bret, and Sjostrom, Sarah.$586,740, 22 Tea Party Cir #22, Chaffin Pond Dev LLC, to Stritto, Francesco D, and Stritto, Debra D.$225,400, 636 Salisbury St, Mitchell, Marlon B, and Mitchell, Kathleen, to Wa4b T, and Bhalotra, Sameer.


$475,000, 64 Mashapaug Rd, Carson, Pebbles J, to Fallon, Jonathan, and Moreau, Jaclyn.$285,000, 14 Craig Rd, Boucher, Amber L, to Strasser, Joshua, and Strasser, Kathryn.$255,000, 13 May Brook Rd #13, Toscano, Denise B, to Cosme, Rosa H.


$500,000, 42 Laurelwood Dr #42, Flynn, Sandra S, to Ciccarelli, Michael D.


$475,000, 116 New Westminster Rd, Jette, Brian P, and Jette, Tracy A, to Israelian, Robert A, and Israelian, Margaret A.$285,000, 7 Pond View Way #7, Langevin, Susan, to Hewett, Meghan.$251,510, 28 Old Westminster Rd, Lindsey, Debra, to Hastbacka, Steven E.$75,000, Ragged Hill Rd, D2 Builders Inc, to Drohan, Jonathan, and Drohan, Kelly.


$930,463, 9 Barnes Blvd #43, Toll Northeast V Corp, to Butters, Fred J, and Butters, Deborah A.$800,000, 7 Kattail Rd, Bhattacharya, Debasish, and Bhattacharya, Sanhita, to Yu, Xiangdong, and Wang, Xiaozhe.$770,000, 42 Hummock Way #42, Dalessio Robert J Est, and Dalessio, Janet M, to Carney, Kerri A.$630,000, 7 1st St, 15 Denfeld Drive LLC, to Singleton, Wesley, and Singleton, Nathan.$602,000, 77 Brigham St, Rodrigues, David, and Braga-Rodrigues, Velma, to Langknecht, Caroline, and Langknecht, Jesse.$598,000, 16 Feltonville Rd, Zhang, Li J, to Thompson, Alexandra N, and Raunikar, Annie L.


$791,950, 547 Neck Rd, Kalon Farms Inc, to Aklhateeb, Farooq.$760,000, 5 Old Union Tpke, Connor, Robert S, and Connor, Irene M, to Zipp, Margaret.$400,000, 186 Sterling Rd, Omalley, Mary, to Arbaje-Almanzar, John H, and Cavallo, Jacsiell R.$240,000, 11 Kinnear Ave, Phelan Nick Est, and Phelan, Brytanie A, to Watson, Frances, and Watson, Kenneth.


$607,000, 202 Baldwin St, Sabbey, Norman C, to Harvard Street 29 Rt, and Barry Jr, Richard C.$525,000, 26 Victoria Dr #26, Goggin Ft, and Goggin, John E, to Zalansky, Michael S, and Zalansky, Judith E.$150,000, 1148 Stafford St, Bosma Wayne Est, and Bosma, Allen L, to Progri, Tomii V, and Progri, Vaske.


$615,000, 297 Hamilton St, Nepa Holdings LLC, to 297 Hamilton LLC.$575,000, 70 Massapoag Rd, Macfarlane, Cristine K, to Entwistle, Gary, and Entwistle, Carol.$560,000, 21 Holman Ave, Kaftan, Christopher E, and Kaftan, Erika L, to Silva, Valerio, and Deoliveira, Maria A.$555,000, 14 Peterson St, Herskovitz, Michael B, to Ladringan, Julius R, and Ladringan, Hiezelyn C.$523,000, 187 Mechanic St, Kj Mack Rt, and Mack, Kevin J, to Fitzgerald, Shannon H, and Gaudiana, Ciana J.$470,000, 92 Legate Hill Rd, Perry, Stephan J, to Garcia, Ricardo P, and Vasquez, Josefina.$390,000, 1024 Main St, Kibbe, Todd A, to Pomerleau, Jennifer L, and Pomerleau, Brian R.$300,000, 55 George St, Hoyt, Richard G, to Soojian, Joshua R.$259,000, 31 Chapman Pl #31, Louttit Ft, and Cella, Richard A, to Mackie, George A, and Mackie, Angela.$210,000, 36 Marcello Ave #4, 36 Marcello Ave LLC, to Howe, Sharron.$150,000, 4 Nobile Pl, Lemaf Realty LLC, to 4 Nobile Place LLC.


$680,000, 10 Electric Ave, Emerald Place Dev Co LLC, to D&a Lunenburg LLC.$450,000, 656 Massachusetts Ave #656, 2023 Walter Ft, and Walter, Jeffrey A, to Correll, Kenneth W, and Correll, Cynthia J.$430,000, 31 Fire Road 10, Pauley, Janet L, to Defazio Lt, and Defazio, Richard C.


$950,000, 309 Stevens St, Maillet & Son Inc, to Duhamel, Michael.$875,000, 535 Hemenway St, Patricia A Frankel 2016 T, and Frankel, Patricia A, to Rudovich, Yury.$806,000, 17 Lafayette Dr, Inacio, Marie-Elena, and Rosenau, Emily C, to Dalessio, Janet M.$750,000, 240 Lincoln St, Alves, Ralyane F, to Gondinho, Vilson O.$700,000, 425 Stow Rd, Seymour Jeannette L Est, and Seymour, Philip R, to Blodgett, Holly, and Wright, Stephen.$590,000, 511 Elm St, Renaud, Savannah, and Krouse, Benjamin, to Sahagian, Breighana, and Bastien, Jolee.$521,900, 15 Clearview Dr, Milton, Roy A, and Milton, Charlene M, to Antonellis, Mark, and Antonellis, Diane.$500,000, 177 Framingham Rd, Stemple, Richard P, and Stemple, Shannon A, to Camara, Jessica.$485,000, 109 Cook Ln, Demarco, Debra S, and Aykanian, Donna M, to Vieira, Joaquim A, and Vieira, Girlene.$425,000, 306 Berlin Rd, Ferro Leslie E Est, and Ferro, Donna, to Torres, Arthur M, and Torres, Valteir F.$260,000, 71 Florence St, Finn Suzanne M Est, and Winchell, Robin E, to Marques & Buffon Dev LLC.$252,000, 69 Phelps St #A, Clark, Pamela L, to Barenzo 71 Pleasant LLC.$222,000, 190 Bolton St #11, Vieira, Joaquim A, and Vieira, Girlene D, to Azevedo Ft, and Azevedo, Ana L.


$599,900, 42 Kodiak Ln #21, F&d Ctrl Realty Corp Inc, to Patel, Arpan J.$586,000, 76 Congress St, Bontempo, Marco T, and Bontempo, Joyce M, to Scott, Caroline L.$450,000, 12 Dell Ann Cir #12, Dasilva-Junior, Elias M, to Tihon, Grigore, and Tihon, Lilia.$354,000, 148 Congress St, Shovelhead Rt, and St George, Brian P, to Oloughlin Jr, Thomas J, and Cardy, Heather N.$290,000, 8 Shadowbrook Ln #40, Tersarotto, Maria F, and Tersarotto, Ricardo, to Venturim, Janete.$289,000, 8 Shadowbrook Ln #63, Braz, Juliana L, and Silva, Hebert B, to Meireles, Erick A.$200,000, 12 Asylum St #12, Excelsior T, and Tarella, Douglas F, to Milford Asylum Re LLC.


$580,000, 29 Braney Rd, Perry, Patrick R, and Perry, Kathleen R, to Lippincott, Nancy, and Lippincott, James.$552,030, 16 Logans Run, Czervik Properties LLC, to Livchits, Elvira B.$450,000, 12 Chunis Ave, Heckler, Gretchen, to Freitas, Joyce.$450,000, 2 Woodland St #A, Crossen, Brian P, and Crossen, Alisa, to Pereira, Tarcisio H.$375,000, 21 Elm St, Gaudere Francis J Est, and Gaudere, William G, to Perry Jr, James R.


$450,000, 4 Central St, Noble Properties LLC, to River P LLC.

North Brookfield

$380,000, 14 Ward St, Macutkiewicz, Anastasia C, and Macutkiewicz, Zachary R, to Camden, Griffin, and Camden, Victoria.$339,000, 5 Chase Rd, Miller, Barbara, and Heath, Laura H, to Lachambre, Stephanie L.$285,000, 88 Bell St, Potvin, Thomas J, and Potvin, Susan, to Luke, Jenna, and Mustakangas, Ryan J.$265,000, 35 Ward St, Sandman, Stephen J, and Kolbe, Jayne, to 324 Group LLC.$225,000, 35 Grove St, Waugh, Margaret M, to Vedder, Kacie-Lynne, and Curci, Anthony F.$100,500, 16 Saint John St, Los, William, and Los, Rebecca, to Posiadlosc LLC.$35,000, 74 Ward St, Snelling Ft, and Snelling, John P, to M J Toomey Inc, and Mort, Gary.


$1,234,000, 17 Thayer St, Ron & Cyndi Heckman RET, and Heckman, Ronald W, to Choudhury, Smriti.$860,000, 167 E Main St, Price, Kathryn W, to Taglienti, Richard M, and Taglienti, Sharon L.$557,000, 412 Main St #A, Hammel Benjamin M Est, and Hammel, James A, to Chandrasekharan, M, and Palanisamy, Keerthisarany.$350,000, 106 Hudson St, 106 Hudson Street Rt, and Dimanno, Deborah K, to David James Dev LLC.


$625,000, 245 Sand Trap Ct #245, Davidson, Timothy, and Davidson, Bonnie, to Maloney, James, and Maloney, Colleen.$525,000, 129 Rumonoski Dr, Kosciak, Neil J, and Kosciak, Jaime A, to Farrell, Dyan, and Geoghegan, Maura.$290,000, 614-616 Sutton St, Buma, Paul R, and Buma, Patricia A, to Filho, Paulo, and Sardinha, Fabiana.$229,900, 12 High St #12, Snell Jr, Bruce H, and Snell, Laura, to Huang, Lei.$175,000, 315 Main St, Whitinsville Redevt, and Jolles, Leonard, to Kee Properties LLC.


$161,000, 73-75 Pleasant St, Evanson, Tawny R, to Zhong, Yunxiang, and Wu, Yan.$150,000, 137 Eagleville Rd, Wilson, Kiernan R, and Wilson, Todd G, to Gelinas, Michael.$58,350, 137 Eagleville Rd, Lizee, Zachary M, to Wilson, Kiernan R.


$495,000, 44 Joe Jenny Rd, Perkins, Jillian, to Vazquez, Felix, and Vazquez, Michele.$475,723, 167 Dudley Rd, Gendron, Edward R, and Lakeview Loan Servicing L, to Lakeview Loan Servicing L.$415,000, 13 Dudley Rd, Delano Lt, and Delano, Todd M, to Cignetti, Stephen.$355,000, 27 Leicester St, Cuadrado, James M, and Castro-Lainez, Jennifer C, to Losada, Nohora P.$325,000, 6 Vine St, Abbascia, Dale, to Burse, Doreen R.$267,000, 82 Walnut St, Duqette, Kenneth M, and Duqette, Patricia M, to Plouffe, Brian D.$240,000, 27 Walnut St, Coleman, Brenda M, to Sdb Homes LLC.


$275,000, 33 Crowningshield Dr, Crowley John P Est, and Crowley, Jason P, to Ametaj, Artan.$246,000, 3 Elizabeth Ln, Mattson Catherine Est, and Mckiernan, Lisa, to Harris, Carter, and Harris, Lauren.$120,000, 924 Pleasant St, Adam Urbanovitch RET, and Urbanovitch, John A, to Szczepaniak, David A.


$720,000, 328 Mountain Rd, Purposeful Realty LLC, to Goodwin, Christopher, and Goodwin, Ghada.$462,500, 27 Worcester Rd, Littlefield, Anne B, to Stemple, Shannon A.


$1,012,500, 16 Greenbriar Dr, F H B Inc, to Ahmed, Abdul R, and Rasheed, Thyaeba N.$975,000, 40 Stonybrook Ln, Santiago-Vera, Aurea, to Sheri, Anjaneyulu, and Sheri, Ramadevi.$890,000, 11 Aspen Rd, Buckley, John, and Buckley, Christine, to Yin, Yunqiang, and Hu, Yan.$685,000, 12 Eastern Point Dr #12, Burns, Patrick J, and Burns, Jacqueline, to Floesser, Helmut, and Andrews, Patricia.$680,000, 17 Eagle Dr #17, Ahmed, Abdul R, and Rasheed, Thyaeba N, to Kumar, Pankaj, and Aggarwal, Gargi.$590,000, 51 Main Cir #3, Faustina, Misha, to Onwuka, Amanda.$569,900, 1 Cypress Ave, Mcneil Irt, and Mcneil, Stephen M, to Bryant, Zachary R.$550,000, 70 S Quinsigamond Ave #8, Hebb, Andrew T, and Hebb, Donna J, to Franklin, Joel B, and Franklin, Marlene.$535,000, 28 Main St, Martinelli, Nicholas, and Martinelli, Betty J, to Dsouza, Emerald, and Friedel, Reena.$535,000, 484 Main St, Mcginn John R Est, and Mcginn, Patrick P, to Malo, Ciro E.$410,000, 580 Lake St #580, Sab, Darany, and Pou, Chanphanou, to Khan, Zibran, and Momo, Samanjar A.


$2,130,817, 6 Dairy Farm Ln, Chestnut Meadow Rt, and Wheeler, D B, to 6 Dairy Farm Rt, and Simoneau, Brian.$646,000, 84 Framingham Rd, Hoss, Judith M, to Akisetty, Kranthi K.$549,900, 8 Gilmore Rd, Corbin, Barbara, to Tagle, Elizabeth, and Tagle, Robert.$525,000, 166 Middle Rd, Stafford, Benjamin A, and Stafford, Samantha J, to Mcgrath, Sarah M, and Schreiber, Stephen.$68,426, 18 General Henry Knox Rd, Binette, Corey J, and Binette, Rachel, to Binette, Corey J.


$385,000, 60 Guelphwood Rd, Hudon, Paul R, and Hudon, Christine M, to Serpa, Jael A, and Serpa, Januir J.$147,000, 18 Glenview Ave, Filo, Christine D, to Filo, Shayne T.


$485,000, 12 Bellevue Dr, Brunelle, Frederick, and Brunelle, Martha L, to Bellevue Exchange LLC.$485,000, 13 Bellevue Dr, Brunelle, Frederick, and Brunelle, Martha L, to Bellevue Exchange LLC.$455,000, 209 Paxton Rd, Cadrin, Kara L, to Partain, Keith.$400,000, 103 Hastings Rd, Heckman, Erica, and Heckman, Emmett A, to Simonovitch, Kiley, and Fahey, Ryan.$380,000, 31 Donnelly Cross Rd, Johnston, James C, and Johnston, Deborah A, to Dave, Vinee, and Dave, Deanna.$354,000, 40 Clark St, Brousseau, Brad, and Brousseau, Nicole, to Vaslet, Sandra J.


$25,000, 81 Leadmine Ln, Walton, Jeffrey A, to Klages, Kurt.


$2,750,000, 8 Marsh Rd, 8 Marsh Road LLC, to Mccracken, Robert, and Mccracken, Diane.$2,750,000, 8-1/2 Marsh Rd, 8 Marsh Road LLC, to Mccracken, Robert, and Mccracken, Diane.$829,900, 32 Burnap Rd, Sherman Farm Estates LLC, to Miller, Kimberly.$66,000, Burbank Rd, Sibley Reservoir LLC, to 120 Burbank Road LLC.


$681,977, 178 French Rd, Greenstone Realty LLC, to Anderson, Alexandra A, and Anderson, Steven D.$366,000, 51 S Main St, Buelow, Mark D, and Buelow, Darlene A, to Stacy, Dawson M, and Stacy, Lexus M.$342,000, 61 Highland Ave, Obrien, Paul R, and Cieslak, Sharon, to Chase, Victoria L, and Dame, Douglas J.$335,000, 448 Patriots Rd, Malone, Nathaniel P, to Herculano, Caio W.


$589,000, 113 Main St, Tully, Kenneth A, to Boisvert, Daniel, and Boisvert, Joann.$180,001, 75 Bayberry Hill Rd, Lorenzen, Elaine H, and Mortgage Assets Mgmt LLC, to Galeota, Pamela.


$1,067,229, 8 Claflin Farm Rd, Lobisser Building Corp, to Freedman, David A, and Freedman, Carolyn.$800,000, 47 Southboro Rd, Speechley, Courtney E, and Franzosa, Michael P, to Macdonald, Jason, and Mulvaney, Sharyn.$760,791, 20 Shoemaker Ln #14, Black Brook Rlty Prop LLC, to Goodwin, Theresa M.$525,000, 3 Stoddard St, K E Macdonald Testamentar, and Grill, Kelly M, to Dacosta, Samanta, and Dacosta, Alex F.$505,000, 31 Pleasant St, Norton, Henry J, and Norton, Robin L, to Smith, Steven.$417,500, 216 East St, Alberich, Jennifer H, to Ego T, and Campbell, Orland L.


$762,700, 23 Bayliss Way, Sutton Street LLC, to Berger, Matthew, and Berger, Kara.$600,000, 35 Capron St, Donaldson Holdings T, and Donaldson, Kevin T, to Melgarejo, Manuel R, and Ramos, Samantha.$590,000, 125 Eric Dr, Morton, Michael W, and Morton, Kelly L, to Ashton, Craig, and Ashton, Shayna.$400,000, 15 Myers St, 15 Myers Street Nt, and Jezerski, Cindy L, to Flanagan, Kevin M, and Flanagan, Deborah J.


$500,000, 7 Big Tree Dr, Bassignani, Peter T, and Arroyo, Johanna, to Donnelly, Shawn, and Donnelly, Christin M.$145,000, 23 Clifford Ave, Mlynarski, Jeffrey A, and Bates, Dawn M, to Ontour Properties Inc.


$380,000, 85 Chapel St, Yacteen Brothers LLC, to Kayizzi, Kenneth.$188,000, 2271 Main St, Waible, Christine, and Raba, Julie C, to Stefanou, Dimitra.$100,000, 26 Chapel St, St Cyr, Bryan J, to St Cyr, Douglas, and St Cyr, Bobbie J.


$557,500, 106 Lake St, Young, Ronald J, and Young, Kathleen M, to Coulombe, James, and Bird, Crystal L.$280,000, 15 Tanner Rd, Hud, to Fenuccio-Ramos, Tiana, and Rosa, Miguel A.$250,000, 104 Thompson Rd, Lebel Realty Invs LLC, to Francisco Stone Work Inc.$240,000, 75 Main St, Rheault Properties Llp, to Putnam Inv Prop LLC.

West Boylston

$780,000, 31 Westland Cir, Cushing, Alexander R, and Cushing, Nicole G, to Mchenry, Thomas, and Redgate, Julia M.$669,000, 26 Bowen St, Giombetti, Megan L, to Walker, Justin F, and Dugan, Heather.

West Brookfield

$315,000, 216 Long Hill Rd, Paige, Michael A, and Makepeace, Robin E, to Moen, Alexandria.


$1,285,000, 18 Cook St, Song, Mike, and Luo, Manbo, to Ellaban, Eslam, and Ellaban, Barea.$300,000, 153 Milk St #31, Chi, Justin, to Ganapuram, Shridhar, and Gosika, Sandyarani.


$754,000, 7 White Pine Dr, Traditional Concepts Inc, to Nemarugomula, Sai S, and Panchanani, Kiran K.$585,000, 13 Old Gardner Rd, Maher, David J, to Gonzalez, Jose A, and Gorritz, Karla.$455,000, 67 Bean Porridge Hill Rd, Maus, Timothy W, and Opie, Lauren L, to Cormier, Sharon.


$4,200,000, 100 Prescott St, Washburn Properties Inc, to 100 Prescott Street LLC.$890,000, 20 Hudson St, Kozaczka Sofia Est, and Kozaczka, Chris S, to 20 Hudson Street LLC.$885,000, 15 Stanton St, 15 Stanton LLC, to Lawton, Myles.$860,000, 18 Lancaster St, Paras-M LLC, to Premier Inv Prop LLC.$776,000, 152 West St, J & J Girouard LLC, to Claybrook, Robert J, and Claybrook, Teresa E.$750,000, 1 Jackson St, Excel LLC, to Jackson St Apartments LLC.$750,000, 66 Jackson St, Excel LLC, to Jackson St Apartments LLC.$650,000, 122 Dorchester St, Franceschi, Yolimar, to Ding, Fu.$643,500, 32 Clifton St, Marak, Jaime, to Agbarha, Ethel E.$640,000, 14 Summerland Way #14, Wolfson Family Rt Brian, and Wolfson, Jeffrey S, to Allain, Patricia A, and Allain, Brian.$640,000, 273 Mower St, Mota, Wellington O, to Stewart, Nicholas B, and Stewart, Dielhomane.$635,000, 11 Alpine St, Larkin, Sean, and Larkin, Effy, to Ramirez, Michael H, and Velis, Marcia S.$630,000, 20 Beeching St, Flores-Erazo, Maritza C, to Leary, Seamus.$589,900, 75 Wayside Rd, Moran Arthur L Est, and Moran, Kelly B, to Williams Sr, Djenaba T.$575,000, 65 Lake Ave #1009, Carbonneau, Joseph, and Carbonneau, Sandra, to Julie Ann Motes RET, and Motes, Julie A.$559,000, 45 Modoc St, St Anthony Realty LLC, to Sarpong, Yaw, and Dankwa, Evelyn.$550,000, 51 Wilson St, Worcester Dev Project Vi, to Trottier, James.$520,000, 10 Primmett Ln #10, Allain Ft, and Allain, Brian P, to Babineau Ft, and Babineau, Mark A.$520,000, 43 Cheyenne Rd, 43 Cheyenne Road Nt, and Tillman, Karl C, to Asamoah, Owusu.$510,000, 28 Perry Ave, Griffin, Kenneth J, to Pascoal, Fabio A, and Pascoal, Gezane K.$494,000, 56 Idalla Rd, Cutillo, Peter, and Cutillo, Marie A, to Castaneda, Daniel P, and Aguirre, Karen.$470,000, 34 Leslie Rd, Kelly, John R, and Kelly, Constance R, to Vasquez-Mejia, Edwin A, and Polanco-Diaz, Yubitza N.$470,000, 6 Cheyenne Rd, Delaney, Joseph, to Amesimeku, Donald.$450,000, 185 Orient St, Orient Street Rt, and Montiverdi, Veronika E, to Silva, Emanoel D.$450,000, 20 Shelby St, Reyes, Shauna L, to Tharion, Ivone D.$425,000, 129 College St, Philip R & Jane M Shea Ft, and Shea, Jane M, to Mahoney, Brendan, and Mahoney, Lauren.$425,000, 66 Osceola Ave, Snioch, Pawal, to Serebou, Constance, and Serebou, Kofi.$425,000, 7-D Knight St, Bairos, Lisete M, to Tendo, Sarah B.$418,000, 318 Mill St, Abrego, Yensi S, and Mendez, Mario L, to Rosales, Jose A, and Espinal, Blanca.$416,000, 23 Calumet Ave, Dddml LLC, to Baird, Maddie, and Baird, Adriane.$415,000, 15 Saybrook Rd, Lucius, Colin, and Lucius, Kaitlyn N, to Jean-Michael, Joel, and Contreras, Angelee N.$399,000, 178 Austin St, Renaissance Hm Equity 200, and HSBC Bank USA NA Tr, to Schroeder, Thomas C, and Schroeder, Laura J.$397,000, 31 Blithewood Ave #1005, Bremer, Victoria L, to Roselund, Andrew R, and Roselund, Chelsea E.$385,000, 175 Washington St, Tran, Vinh, to Al Rubaye, Amhed.$370,000, 10 Garland St, Acosta, Alfa O, to Opoku, Gabriel.$370,000, 10 Grosvenor St, Presbyterian Chrch Of Gha, to Yarnie, Daniel.$365,000, 15 Clay St, Madison Kendig Hldg LLC, to Southbridge St Prop LLC.$365,000, 28 Boyden St, Madison Kendig Hldg LLC, to Southbridge St Prop LLC.$360,000, 175 Clark St, Delaney, Christopher, and Delaney, Luisa, to Almonte, Aglisberto, and Espinal, Susana.$355,000, 23 Crestlan Cir, Dauteuil, Nicholas P, to Dauteuil, Hayley, and Coffey, Kyle.$350,000, 28 Fales St, Vera, Clifford A, to Sullivan, Megan M.$335,000, 31 Revere St, Nancy Frotten Irt, and Kazanovicz, Michelle, to Gonyea Jr, Seth T, and Gonyea, Felicia A.$315,000, 170 Wedgewood Rd #170, Foley, James D, to Yu, Jong W, and Yu, Rachel.$315,000, 284 Mower St, Naylor, Margaret P, to Dryden, Jeffrey.$295,000, 6 Park View Dr, Boffoli Jr, Leo M, and Boffoli, Sarah, to Olson, Kristopher E, and Olson, Jacqueline A.$275,000, 3 Princeton St #3, Goldberg, Debra L, and Cashmore, Eleanor B, to Le, Ngoc D, and Pham, Thi H.$265,000, 10 Dryden St #1, Calle, Diego, to Muhammad, Lance E.$235,000, 469 Grove St #3, Black Oak Investments LLC, to Stepanski, Matthew H.$220,000, 72 Seymour St #3, Ferrazzi, Kathryn, and Ferrazzi, Michael A, to Vo Property Mgmt LLC.$195,000, 1 Wayside Rd, Ryan Jr, Robert T, and Ryan, Susanne, to New England Hm Buyers LLC.$195,000, 19 Fairhaven Rd #19, Fife, Donna L, to Fife, Sandra L.$185,000, 70 Southbridge St #816, Ducasa LLC, to Barrette, Sheri.$180,000, 70 Southbridge St #707, Barrette, Sheri A, to Southbridge Street Rt, and Voytenko, Olga.$139,900, 70 Southbridge St #812, Kantar, Zuhal, and Kantar, Ugur K, to Obrien, Kerry.$105,000, 29 Sherburne Ave, Terreno Realty LLC, to Sng Homes LLC.

This article originally appeared on Telegram & Gazette: Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Nov. 26