Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Dec. 3

Red Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of House.
Red Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of House.


$740,000, 73 Old County Rd, Hagar, John A, and Hagar, Marcie K, to Ferreira, Ricelio, and Ferreira, Patricia.$740,000, Center St (off), Hagar, John A, and Hagar, Marcie K, to Ferreira, Ricelio, and Ferreira, Patricia.$375,000, 16 Holden St, Hanley, Francis W, to Ellett, Ian E.


$660,000, 2260 Flat Rock Rd, Franchi, Sean M, and Franchi, Helen T, to Carrol, Michael P.$285,000, 416 Exchange St, Geikie, Judith M, and Geikie Jr, Glendon M, to Lemanski, Mikayla M, and Langhill, Luke W.$56,000, Pleasant St, Griffith, Timothy, and Griffith, Amanda, to V&J Real Estate Inc.


$455,000, 6 Nancy Dr, Bolton, Reina, and Bolton, Matthew, to Le, Thao, and Vo, Ha.$380,000, 13 Lexington Ave, Bayrouty Lorraine M Est, and Carey-Young, Selina A, to Clemmer, Chelsea, and Patchen, Ethan.$330,000, 166 Central St, Magliaro, Elleanna, and Magliaro, Alex, to Nicodemus, Nicol D, and Nicodemus, Juan P.$330,000, 7 Carroll St, Caissie, Melissa A, to Rose, Melissa, and Rose, Robert.


$175,000, Cutler Rd (off), Carl R Lam RET, and Lam, Phillip C, to Stanley, Austin, and Glidden, Emily.$175,000, Jewett Rd, Carl R Lam RET, and Lam, Phillip C, to Stanley, Austin, and Glidden, Emily.


$275,000, 72 Carter St, Badeau Roy W Est, and Badeau, Katelyn R, to Pacific, Travis.$125,000, Carter St, Badeau Roy W Est, and Badeau, Katelyn R, to Berlin Town Of.


$1,170,000, 3 John Powers Ln, Cahan, Mitchell, and Cahan, Tracie, to Wang, Weidong, and Lin, Faith.


$1,185,000, 5 Juniper Hill Rd, Wilhelmy, Richard J, and Wilhelmy, Susan M, to Janeczek, Craig.$760,000, 6 Longley Hill Rd, Central St Boylston Rt, and Ansari, A A, to Pamarthi, Sandeep, and Kadanbari, Sruthi.$369,900, 408 Edgebrook Dr #408, Mchenry, Thomas, and Redgate, Julia M, to Bhattacharjee, Rohit, and Verma, Ambika.


$369,000, 87 Allen Rd, Wadden, Linda J, to Brewer, Kylie A, and Rozicki, Conor M.


$902,501, 61 T Hall Rd, Prop Soln Re & Contractin, to Grady, Daniel, and Grady, Justine.


$450,000, 165-167 Pleasant St, James D Barrett Ft, and Barrett, Justin B, to Moleus, Pierre Q, and Dorsainvil, Jean E.


$430,000, 40 Main St, Meunier, Wayne S, and Meunier, Janine E, to Nolan, Brendan, and Nolan, Haley.


$580,000, 17 Pineview Rd, Mcgloin, Sean M, and Mcgloin, Holly J, to Leverone, Michael J, and Morin, Chantelle M.$501,850, 3 Par 5 Ln #3, Country Club Acres LLC, to Stolarczyk, Mark T.$350,000, 176 Corbin Rd, Roddy, David, to Belseth, Michael, and Belseth, Georgetta.$350,000, 37 Old Southbridge Rd, Audet, James E, and Audet, Gloria J, to Kelley, Matthew H, and Kelley, Melissa J.$70,000, Bates Rd, Omeara Robert A Est, and Omeara, Jonathan B, to Spahl, Jay, and Spahl, Lynn.


$356,000, 109 Caspian Way #109, Goddard, Bonnie, to Cormier, Lynn M, and Rafalski, Katherine L.$275,000, 459 Oak Hill Rd, 1st Landing Inv LLC, to Josiahs Ultimate Hm LLC.$265,000, 28 Clifton St, Sec Of Veterans An Office, to Toso, Jorge.$190,000, 459 Oak Hill Rd, Mcnally, Michael S, to First Landing Invs LLC.


$390,000, 126 Washington St, Valedon, Omar M, to Nash, Nathan, and Nash, Jeremy.$340,000, 16 Chatham St, Boucher, Daniel S, and Boucher, Carina C, to Agnir, Sharon.$325,000, 105 Sand St, Poirier, Gerald J, and Sokolowski, Marjorie A, to Ruta, Candace C, and Burdette, Kyle R.$320,000, 24 Jackson Park, Rang, Heng, and Lakeview Loan Servicing L, to Sweeney, John.$305,000, 104 Bickford Hill Rd, Segien, Christopher S, and Little, Rebecca A, to Foster 2nd, Donald S.$265,000, 747 Timpany Blvd, Belton, Teresa, and Chmielewski, Simone, to Demalia, James.$258,000, 44 Olde Colonial Dr #4, Riley, Lawrence D, to Supernor, Mikayla R, and Boudreau, Kayla.$185,000, 52 Sunset Rd, Moore James H Est, and Moore, Matthew, to Resilient Investments LLC.$30,000, 170 Waterford St, Wall John J Jr Est, and Wall, Dean A, to Wall, Dean A.


$1,153,645, 6 Audrina Ln, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Baddam, Ramesh, and Baddam, Sahitha.$610,000, 15 Deernolm St, Williams, Curtis J, and Williams, Kimberly A, to Tyler, Patrick, and Tyler, Yana.$575,000, 19 Hollywood Dr, Rolfe, John A, and Ceccarelli, Rachel, to Carl, Sheri V, and Wackell, Shayne A.$70,000, 233 Providence Rd, Ocoin, Sean, to Collari, Matthew R.


$440,000, 52 Holden St, Ault Ruth Anne Est, and Ault, William N, to Watsky, Jess, and Monaghan, Hedda M.$360,000, 100 Chapel St, Gillogly Donna L Est, and Gillogly, Sophie J, to Ramirez, Floridalma M.$240,000, Chapel St, Diverdi Builders Inc, to Homes For Our Troops Inc.$190,000, 42 Phillips Rd #9, Stevens, Carrie, to Henderson, Derrick.


$383,585, 20 Joanie Ln, Pantuosco, Andrew M, to Pantuosco Ft, and Pantuosco, Michael.


$570,000, 96 Hopedale St, Tj Realty LLC, to Waters, Anthony L.


$450,000, 52 Barre Rd, Pitney, James M, and Pitney, Diane, to Boucher, Daniel S, and Boucher, Carina C.


$1,025,000, 8 Stevens Rd #8, Stratton, Christine J, and Stratton, Ian J, to Savage, Gregg, and Savage, Nancy.$199,000, 200 Manning St #16A, Clark Ft, and Clark, Daniel, to Gonzalez, Emmanuel.


$312,500, 8 S Meadow Rd, Mcrell, Eileen M, to Stockwell, Daniel S.


$750,000, 11 Salminen Dr, Houle, Ronald H, and Houle, M S, to Beauregard, Matthew, and Beauregard, Naomi.$575,000, 472 Whittemore St, Gentile, Janis P, to Bolton, Reina E, and Bolton, Matthew M.$350,000, 1003 Main St, Leicester Town Of, to Bros LLC.$240,000, 993 Main St, Leicester Town Of, to Morse, Lee.$170,000, 1004 Main St, Leicester Town Of, to Morse, Lee.$170,000, 997 Main St, Leicester Town Of, to Morse, Lee.


$590,000, 52 West St, Wasiuk Ft, and Wasiuk, Anthony A, to Piucco, Alessandro P, and Piucco, Susana.$490,000, 10 S Cotton St, Mckenzie, Patricia, to Jun, Myoung H, and Jun, Yu J.$415,000, 54 Vine St, Grampetro, Ashley, and Grampetro, Jessica, to Burt, Julia E, and Shapleigh, Kevin C.$342,000, 672 Lancaster St, Josephson, Raymond L, to Kaftan, Erika.$315,000, 93 Hamilton St, Brown, Kendra, to Turning Point Invs LLC.


$897,000, 386 Sunset Ln, Tremblay Rt, and Tremblay, Richard R, to Mitrano, Matt S, and Mitrano, Nicole.


$1,209,000, 119 Airport Blvd #119, Marlborough Industrial LL, to Ambidextrous Ventures LLC.$875,000, 20 Carver Hill Rd, Juandoo, Kevin, and Juandoo, Suzette, to Finethy Real Estate LLC.$730,000, 397 Stow Rd, Schmidt, William G, and Schmidt, Deborah A, to Wescott, Kyle, and Wescott, Michele.$570,000, 46 Broad St, Jovelino, Samuel B, and Jorge, Francini J, to Spg Rentals LLC.$460,000, 43 Curtis Ave #B, Camara, Jessica, to Chimalamarri, Aparna.


$780,000, 68 Hartford Ave E, Silva, Bruno, and Silva, Jaslana, to Dos Santos Loxe, Walter J, and Dos Santos Loxe, M C.$109,900, 24 Taft Ave, 24 Taft Avenue Rt, and Wickstrom, Thomas J, to Callahan, Michael G, and Callahan, Josephine A.


$720,000, 17 W Fountain St, Dossantosloxe, W J, and Dossantos, Mariana C, to Brack, Dixie, and Brack, Tiffany.$675,000, 48 Harding St, Yohn, Garth D, and Yohn, Francesca A, to Abrantes, Pablo C.$600,000, 6 Asylum St, Morais, Jonathan D, and Morais, Taylor L, to Prive, Samuel T, and Prive, Lauren E.$590,000, 26 Roland Way, Abbazio, Rory, and Abbazio, Lynette, to Patel, Rutvij R.$575,000, 21 Windsor Rd, Garozzo, Bruce J, and Garozzo, Marie T, to Zouranjian, Lauren L, and Zouranjian, Alexandra N.$560,000, 2 Dilla St, Wilson, Saoirse, and Wilson, Sean, to Celoy, Lubenson, and Andre, Kerlyne.$440,000, 2 Governors Way #A, Melpignano, Kristin, and Melpignano, Stephen, to Pilla, Christopher.$440,000, 97 E Main St, 789 LLC, to Lapa, Telma B.$365,000, 49 Green St, Mary A Roche Irt, and Bresnahan, Deborah, to Melo, Karine T.$100,000, Mcgill Ln #1A2, Campbell, Benjamin J, and Campbell, Sonya, to Club Re 1 LLC.$60,500, 29 Fountain St, Mcgee, Robert, and Bombardier, Yvette K, to Bombardier, Yvette K.


$625,000, 22 Skyview Dr, Markley, Christopher R, and Markley, Sydney E, to Boyapalli, Sridhar G, and Palle, Veena.$585,669, 14 Logans Run, Czervik Properties LLC, to Dine, Adriana.$475,000, 16 Atwood Ave, Warren, Stanley G, to Lampi, Stephanie, and Lampi, Andrew J.$399,000, 27 Howe Ave, Campbell, Rebecca L, to Mcdonagh, Shane, and Cuthbert, Mary.

North Brookfield

$630,000, 22 Bigelow Rd, Palin, Michel J, and Palin, Christine M, to Broskowitz, Cora, and Macmillan, Stacey.


$582,000, 9 Brody Way #9, Klatsky, Sheri, to Kataria, Hitesh, and Wadhwa, Kanika.$345,000, 265 Main St #A, Gebo Realty LLC, to 265 Main St - Unit A LLC.


$2,925,000, 2239-2247 Providence Rd, Gadoury Homes LLC, to Blackstone Vly Realty LLC.$2,925,000, 2249 Providence Rd, Gadoury Homes LLC, to Blackstone Vly Realty LLC.$2,925,000, 2251-2255 Providence Rd, Gadoury Homes LLC, to Blackstone Vly Realty LLC.$1,575,000, 29-31 Beans Ln, Gadoury Homes LLC, to Blackstone Vly Realty LLC.$500,000, 1347 Providence Rd, Kelly, David J, and Kelly, Kelly A, to Oliveira, Marcos B, and Oliveira, Tricia R.


$360,000, 2 W Main St, Stanley 3rd, James A, and Stanley, Julie A, to 2 Main St Orange LLC.$345,000, 124 Drew Blvd, Jack, Peter M, to Richardson, Christine, and Hay, Robert.$302,000, 60 Holmes Rd, Gauvin, Steven, to 88 Lambert Ave Nt, and Patton-Spruill, Robert.$245,000, 465 E River St, Litchfield, Eugene F, and Litchfield, Kevin W, to Maguy, Kimberly, and Dasilva, Jeremy.


$390,000, 8 Linwood St, Ferdella, Stephen, and Ferdella, Patricia L, to Ferdella, Debra.$241,000, 1 Malden St, Derby, Kimberly S, and Citizens Bank Na, to Keka, Dorjan.$100,000, 42 Quobaug Ave, Johnson, Patricia A, and Stevenson, Tracy L, to Johnson, Patricia A.$29,000, Fort Hill Rd, Talcott Alice M Est, and Talcott 3rd, William T, to Talcott 3rd, William T, and Mcgovern-Talcott, Wendy.


$800,000, 35 Nanigian Rd, Brendl Rt, and Luzzo, Richard J, to Faiola Jr, Joseph, and Faiola, Anne M.


$63,500, N Main St, Ogrady Ft, and Ogrady, Dennis M, to Bedard Sr, Kevin J, and Bedard, Jacqueline S.


$485,000, 81 Hubbardston Rd, Ardinger, Leslie A, to Larochelle, Renee, and Larochelle, Steven.$435,000, 104 Ball Hill Rd, Leo, Thomas, to Wolf, Claire, and Weissman, Bevan.


$555,000, 117 Main St, Toupin, Kimberly J, to Kontos, Timothy J, and Kontos, Briana J.$360,000, 76 Ridge Rd, William L Johnson RET, and Johnson Jr, William L, to Johnson Jr, William L.


$895,000, 106 Reservoir St, Hull, Matthew J, and Hull, Laurie A, to Lin, Helen.$575,000, 79 Harrington Farms Way #79, Mohanty, Sibasis, and Ratha, Ipsita, to Sethuramalingam, B, and Chandran, Sinduja R.$552,000, 29 Woodway Dr, 723 Enterprises LLC, to Disanto, Benjamin S, and Rodriguez, Sara H.$541,000, 15 Crescent St, Archambo David W Est, and Rachine, Lynne, to Burwick, Jeffrey, and Obrien, Eileen.$500,000, 74 Harrington Farms Way #74, James A Shea T, and Shea, James J, to Turpin, Theresa A, and Turpin, David.$370,000, 96 Harriet Ave, Anderson Herbert Est, and Ostromecki, Bernadette M, to Cutter, Andrew.$335,000, 259 Gulf St, Standard Managers LLC, to Trampe, Hans O.$325,000, 25 Eaglehead Ter #2, Van Slyke, Matthew P, and Leslie, Jessica, to Sze, Ching M.$285,000, 81 Bay View Dr, Mckiernan Funding T, and Mckiernan Jr, James, to Flavia Costa Personal Sol.


$680,000, 9 Stowe Rd, Connors, Christopher G, and Connors, Elisabeth W, to Keaney, Sean, and Keaney, Lindsay.


$710,000, 33 Central St, Sgp Properties LLC, to Wps Southbridge Ctrl LLC.$710,000, 37 Central St, Sgp Properties LLC, to Wps Southbridge Ctrl LLC.$360,000, 788 Worcester St, Poline, Michael, and Martes, Perla, to Dejesus, Ursina, and Cabrera, Dimas.$300,000, 249 Ashland Ave, Ashland Avenue Vent LLC, to Deralus, Barbara A, and Mcdowell, Ojean S.$260,000, 189 Durfee St, Morana, Nicholas J, and Golebiowski, George, to Quigley, Michael.


$415,000, 15 Donnelly Cross Rd, Esmurria, Sheila Y, to Bahre, Sandra M.$90,000, 3 Lake Ave, Saunders, Christine M, to Hopkins, Jessica, and Hopkins, Justin.


$462,500, 92 Redemption Rock Trl, Hesselton, Stephen M, and Qiu, Xiaorong, to Zecena, Cristian R, and Ramos, Silma D.$387,000, 24 Laurelwood Rd, Palmer Faythe O Est, and Palmer, Barry T, to Boutiette, John J, and Mcmaster, Meagan K.$225,700, 193 Clinton Rd, Lewis Lt, and Lewis, Elin, to Chrysalis Properties LLC.$205,000, 284 Redemption Rock Trl, Wright Ft, and Kalinowski, Diane, to 284 Redemption Rock Rt, and Cirillo Jr, Robert J.


$3,380,000, 478 Main St, Sturbridge Lg LLC, to Baliyadev LLC.$38,000, 258 Holland Rd, Wilbraham Builders Inc, to Savaria Sr, Todd A, and Savaria, Steven J.


$549,000, 84 Lakeview Ln, Spidal Nt, and Spidal, David A, to Hoffman, Howard S, and Hoffman, Elyse.


$753,400, 110 W Meadow Rd, Colameta Corp, to Rolston, Lisa, and Rolston, Thomas.$700,000, 3 Warren Rd, Tully, Kenneth A, and Smith, Kevin, to Mughal, Umar.$380,000, 465 Main St, Stokes, Ronald, to Tunstall, Jarrett J, and Tunstall, Synara J.$275,000, 46 Mason Rd, Peterson, George B, and Wells Fargo Bank, to Jmf Realty LLC.


$640,000, 51 Sienna Cir, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Pavone, Audra Z.$607,170, 53 Sienna Cir, Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC, to Murray, Robert L, and Murray, Karen A.$593,000, 53 Warren St, Duell, Morgan J, and Tubero, Jessi A, to Jango, John T, and Hunt, Danielle L.


$635,000, 39 Tyler Dr, Parabicoli, Mark V, and Parabicoli, Kristin L, to Skinner, Robert J, and Skinner, Kathryn A.$610,000, 20 Rogerson Xing, Demanche, Vincent, and Demanche, Dawn M, to Gentili, Nicholas, and Smith, Jennifer.$539,000, 41 Pouts Ln #41, West River Homes LLC, to Roeder, Neil, and Roeder, Connie.$520,000, 24 Crown And Eagle Rd, Russell Helen Est, and Mclaughlin, Joseph, to D A P Llp.$420,098, 99 Mendon St, Templeton, Donna F, and Templeton, William W, to Girgis, Hani S, and Saad, Heba A.$400,000, 67 Homeward Ave #A, Thompson Ma Re Concepts L, to Urquhart, Jessica, and Narcisse, Bryan.$399,000, 22 Pleasant St, Odonnell Brothers LLC, to Dentico, Lea S, and Ramsey, Travis R.


$75,000, 275 Malboeuf Rd, Thomas, Gary F, to Crevier, Shawn C, and Crevier, Angelique L.


$435,000, 40 Carl St, Fountain & Sons Const Co, to Profetto, Anthony.$429,900, 791 Southbridge Rd, Tetreault, Edward C, and Tetreault, Jeannette L, to Gatto, John P, and Gatto, Amy J.


$479,900, 298 Thompson Rd, Valeri, Douglas P, and Valeri, Kristin D, to Levine, Harlene R, and Hausler, David W.$270,000, 61 S Shore Rd, Sprague Stewart A Est, and Doran, Sandra, to Middleton, Jeanne.$199,000, 94 Lake St, Ginel, Alexsy, to Baker, David M.$115,000, Oakwood Dr #1, Szeredy Lt, and Szeredy, Joyce E, to Almik Construction Inc.$115,000, Oakwood Dr #2, Szeredy Lt, and Szeredy, Joyce E, to Almik Construction Inc.$52,000, Myrtle Ave, Williams Leo Est, and Vanbael, Jean, to Pmz Development LLC.

West Boylston

$575,000, 127 Afra Dr #127, Lansing, Dwight H, and Lansing, Christine L, to Colletta, Matteo, and Colletta, Deborah.$560,000, 20 Angell Brook Dr #20, Kelly, W D, to John & P Cutone Ft, and Cutone, Benjamin J.$488,000, 141 Hillside Village Dr #141, Luo, Shirley J, and Sun, Jim J, to Garozzo, Bruce, and Garozzo, Marie.$410,000, 15 Westland Cir, Bartee, Jeremy, to Giombetti, Megan L.

West Brookfield

$1,187,500, 138 W Main St, King, Robert L, and King, Drue C, to Vetley West Brkfield LLC.$289,900, 38 Ridgewood Cir, Dick Ann L Est, and Dick, Cathy, to Faubert, Brandon.$235,340, 19 School St, Hall-Crapse, Ann, and Lakeview Loan Servicing L, to Lakeview Loan Servicing L.


$4,450,000, 182 Turnpike Rd, Patriot Fincl Grp Re LLC, to Tthy Westborough LLC.$875,000, 43 South St, Dfs Properties LLC, to Basamula, Nicholas, and Basamula, Diana.


$485,000, 15 Hanks Hill Rd, Mangold, Ann D, to Novak, Francis V, and Novak, Kristen M.$125,000, 250 Davis Rd, Bartlett, John H, to Smith, Ryan M, and Smith, Shannon H.


$365,000, 11 Baldwinville Rd, Sweeney, Daniel J, and Sweeney, Maeghan, to Flaherty, Edward J, and Flaherty-Perez, Nicole.$319,000, 36 Doyle Ave, Bishop, Randal G, to Brodmerkle, Patrick, and Douglas, Renee B.$230,000, 144 School St, Truax Jr, Duane R, to Blue Oak Development LLC.


$900,000, 51 Providence St, Worcester Academy, to 51 Providence Acqui LLC.$750,000, 20 Westwood Dr, Nicholas C Mazanitis Ft, and Drogkaris, Christina E, to Chaput, Tina M, and Chaput, Shawn.$700,000, 21 Endicott St, Thompson Woodmont Rlty LL, to Keller, David A, and Keller, Delaram V.$700,000, 4 Holland Rd, Ozgopoyan, Anna, and Isperduli, Christopher J, to Pelchat, Jamie A, and Sanchez, Jonathan A.$680,000, 14 Crestlan Dr, Fantinato, Antonio, and Fantinato, Maria E, to Ahmed, Maggi, and Yousef, Mohamed A.$460,000, 134 Whitmarsh Ave, Osborn, William F, and Osborn, Nancy K, to Mello 3rd, Edward A, and Mello, Andrea M.$450,000, 10 Northampton St, Valdez, Carlos, to De Jesus, Andres E.$435,000, 1 Snowberry Cir, Arboretum Estates Inc, to Antwi, Stephanie.$406,000, 22 Balder Rd, Wilson, Lisa A, to Flanagan, Maura, and Sahverdiyan, Vartan.$385,000, 2 Arnold Rd, Radziewicz Stanley Est, and Pereria, Sheryl, to Trinity Est Invs & Dev LL.$380,000, 6 Arnold Rd, Gonzalez, Brittany S, to Le, Kha.$350,000, 54 Venus Dr, Thomas J Chosta Ft, and Palardis, Kathleen, to Gace, Mirela, and Gace, Olsi.$341,000, 34 Walworth St, Smyth Kathryn L Est, and Smyth Jr, Peter H, to Nguyen, Dean, and Hosomi, Saki.$336,500, 5 Montreal St, Home By Holly LLC, to Ngobe, Noah, and Ndungu, Teresiah.$285,000, 354 Lake Ave, Digiulio, Donna L, to Premier Rental Prop LLC.$280,000, 40 Elm St #1, Stack, Alisa M, to Dimopoulos, Theodore.$255,000, 39 Woodford St #3, Baxley, Onaje K, to Ragno, Riane J, and Ntoro, Noel N.$221,000, 65 Lyman St, Jcg Investments LLC, to Cortes, Tiago D.$195,000, 531 Main St #505, Shea, Justine, to Moshinsky, Adam.$136,000, 65 Lyman St, Laythe, Lee R, and U S Bank Na Tr, to Jcg Investments LLC.$127,000, 17 Falcon St, Ata, Elie T, to Sabaho Realty LLC.$18,000, 3 Clason Rd, Camplese, Leila R, to Sandoval, Anthony G.

This article originally appeared on Telegram & Gazette: Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Dec. 3