Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, June 25

Red Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of House.
Red Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of House.


$845,000, 28 Corey Hill Rd, Cag Rt, and Kopley, Ashley B, to Garner, Robin, and Mason, Mark T.$687,900, 157 Packard Hill Rd, Lisiewicz, Dean, to Gustafson, Carl O, and Rowe, Roberta M.


$662,500, 258 West Rd, Collins, Andrew T, and Collins, Patricia A, to Connally, Jake T, and Battaini, Samantha M.$375,000, 95 South Rd, Pratt, Annabelle, and Pratt, Robert, to Baio, Salvatore, and Baio, Jessica E.


$463,000, 830 Carpenter Rd, Mcginnis, Claire E, and Mcginnis, Marjorie E, to Davis, Katlin, and Hugo-Webb, Jean-Julien.$429,000, 432 Conant Rd, Lojen LLC, to Eckert Jr, Anthony.$420,000, 48 Benwoods Dr, Benwoods LLC, to Marchionni, Anthony J, and Marchionni, Patricia A.$240,000, 858 Silver Lake St, Holloway Sr Myron C Est, and Chaplin, Tina L, to Massanet, Mercy B.$125,000, 26 Lee St, Reo T2017-Rpl1, and U S Bank TNa Tr, to Dream Home Invs LLC.


$735,000, 10 Commonwealth Ave, S&k Development LLC, to Gupta, Mayank.$475,000, 34 Adella St, Szklarz, Kristen L, to Poirier, John P, and Poirier, Monique A.$350,000, 101 Heritage Ln #101, Meade, Larry, and Gagner, Tammy, to Hazen, Shana L, and Ilvonen, John.$345,000, 85 Appleton Rd, Melican, Paula M, to Walton, Gregory, and Cordero-Walton, Cynthia.$315,000, 3 John William Dr #A, Lotti, Jodie L, and Lotti, Jonathan J, to Coffin, Richard J.$275,000, 273 Bryn Mawr Ave, Votour Gertrude M Est, and Votour, Gary M, to Twin Management LLC.$152,000, 470 Rochdale St, Woeller 2nd, James D, to Sandstone Masonry & Const.$139,000, 261 Prospect St, Hill, Richard J, and Hill, Danielle M, to Lotti, Jonathan J, and Lotti, Jodie L.$119,000, 470 Rochdale St, Clayman, David M, to Woeller 2nd, James D.


$600,000, 28 Nelson St #28, Lindley Realty LLC, to Stan Properties LLC.$600,000, 28-30 High St S, Lindley Realty LLC, to Stan Properties LLC.$600,000, 33-35 Nelson St, Lindley Realty LLC, to Stan Properties LLC.$200,000, 90 Main St, Coppolino Jr, Dominic F, to Pietrzak, Jason.


$540,000, 72 Brook Ln #72, Mathur Ft, and Mathur, Anjali, to Lynch 3rd, Lincoln D, and Lynch, Susan M.$240,000, 8 Stones Corner Rd, Santello, Sharon E, and Santello, Paul, to Smalley, Justin.


$370,000, 40 Washington St, Ether Properties LLC, to Pham, Allen A, and Tang, Angie T.


$250,000, 160 Mile Hill Rd, Mcnamara, Brenda G, and Smith, Bernice E, to Collins, Anita D.


$87,000, 11 Main St, Carrier, Rose, to Seymour 3rd, Herbert F.


$687,800, 902 Main St, Hossain, Mohammed, and Islam, Md M, to Marcouillier, Joseph, and Marcouillier, Carissa M.$460,000, 62 Lancaster Rd, Brown, Rachel T, and Brown, Phillip A, to Ptacek, Andrew, and Ptacek, Samantha.$395,000, 629 High St, Scirocco, Laura, to Erazo, Miguel A.$310,000, 399 Water St, Pretium Mtg Acquisition T, and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, to Minas Construction LLC.$270,000, 7 Bourne St, Sylvia, Richard J, to Nim Investments LLC.$261,000, 7 Bourne St, Noon, Matthew, and Loancare LLC, to Silvia, Richard J.$240,000, 233 Woodlawn St, Mele Jr, Robert C, and Mele, Rachele J, to Deluca, Evan, and Kwan, Monica.$85,000, 26 Oak Ct, Statewide Enterprises Inc, to Savoie Modular Homes Inc.


$574,900, 20 Joseph Rd, Lobisser Building Corp, to Bracero, Jacqueline A.$562,000, 132 South St, Sanches, Luis, and Sanches, Maria, to Schuster, Kai, and Schuster, Michelle.$478,560, 4 Nautical Way #4, Northbrown LLC, to Blanchette, Connor, and Leboeuf, Rebecca.$447,000, 3 William Dr #3, Williams Ct Douglas LLC, to Wang, Yao.$365,000, 313 South St, Wheeler, Colleen C, to Wheeler Jr, John E.$85,000, 20 Joseph Rd, Jmt Sleepy Hollow LLC, to Lobisser Building Corp.


$545,777, 10 Roberts Rd, Scanlon-Bassett, Doreen M, and Bassett Jr, Kenneth C, to Vershynin, Yevgen, and Semkiv, Lyudmyla.$540,000, 8 Val Go Way, Hogan, Michael P, and Hogan, Jodi A, to Faford, Rebecca A.$490,000, 11 Fairfield Dr, Vaillancourt, Sandra L, to Onyancha, Silas, and Oriku, Deborah.$399,000, 8 Korch Ave, Roukat Paul J Est, and Berry, James, to Rendon, Angel A.$350,000, 55 Dudley Oxford Rd, Jacobson, Erik E, to Mateo & Moran Prop LLC.$302,000, 32 Silvestri Rd, Guerin Jr Richard R Est, and Guerin, Joan E, to Troy, Parris, and Nelson, Brian.$190,000, 7-1/2 Fairview Ave, Wetteland, Judson W, to Savy Properties LLC.$35,000, Durfee Rd, May, William G, and May, Erin E, to St Cyr, Evan F, and St Cyr, Adrienne L.

East Brookfield

$176,900, 118 North St, Comeau Sr Richard J Est, and Comeau, Penny, to Markopoulos, Nicholas.


$529,900, 168 Sheldon Rd, Barkley Enterprises LLC, to Viola, John F.$490,000, 21 Atlantic Ave, Richard, Susan J, to Barros, Ricardo, and Barros, Heather.$460,000, 15-17 Washington St, Rivera, Abraham, to Nair, Nitin, and Remadevi, Anjana M.$419,900, 139 Harvard St #2, Traven Development LLC, to Dickhaut, Eric.$400,000, 535 South St #21-1D, Kathleen M Walsh Lt, and Walsh, Kathleen M, to Margaret A Casson Lt, and Casson, Margaret A.$375,000, 39-41 Dudley St, Swart, Nicholas, and Swart, Jessica, to Izbicki, Mark, and Izbicki, Judith A.$350,000, 609 Ashby West Rd, Nettelbladt, Michael R, and Lencki, Patricia A, to Rapp, Friedgard A.$331,500, 714 Blossom St, Eckert Jr, Anthony, to Munera, Nichole, and Munera, Lacrecia.$330,000, 91 Marshall Rd, Smith, Joyce E, and Sciola, Jane C, to Graves, Douglas, and Graves, Giovanna.$320,000, 240 Wanoosnoc Rd, Pantoja, Sheila H, and Guzman, Rene B, to King, Peter.$320,000, 325 Water St, Emily Le RET, and Le, Emily, to 325 Water St Partners LLC.$320,000, 6 Hale St, Emily Le RET, and Le, Emily, to 325 Water St Partners LLC.$310,000, 73 Lawrence St, Crespo, Vanessa, to Dupont, Jennifer.$305,000, 195 High St, Nascimento, Brenda A, and Nascimento, Renato B, to Adeshiyan, David A, and Adeshiyan, Iretiola F.$262,000, 128 Marshall St, Bradley Calville Lt, and Bradley, Dennis A, to Suarez, Douglas S.$258,000, 164 Myrtle Ave, 164 Myrtle Avenue Rt, and Ellowitz, Jay H, to Ialamov, Todor, and Ialamov, Neli.$150,000, 66 Railroad St, King Mary Mae Est, and Perez, Elaine M, to Subedi, Govind P.$110,000, 33 Electric Ave #B11, 33 Electric Ave LLC, to Delgado, Olga.


$630,000, 32 Greenwood St, M&t Investments LLC, to Mhg 6 Fund LLC.$565,000, 53 Monadnock St, Msr Monadnock Street LLC, to Mdp Property Group LLC.$395,000, 18 Myles Cir, Couture, Nicholas M, to Safran, Brian, and Safran, Brittany.$380,000, 72 Monadnock St, Maillet, Kevin J, and Maillet, Anna M, to Moreira, Zuleica C.$345,000, 30 Robillard St, Leiva, Edyn A, and Giron-Gomez, Lillian V, to Rodriguez, Ramona.$320,000, 56 Harvard St, Pfersich, Nancy A, to Wheeler, Lynn R, and Griffin, Timothy J.$250,000, 292 Parker St, Wheeler, Lynn R, and Griffin, Timothy, to Aviles, Lydamaris I, and Camacho, Eric S.$233,000, 51 Olde Colonial Dr #4, Chamberlain, Rebecca, to Dasilva, Christa R.$229,100, 84 Century Way #84, Lyons, Cresie M, to Jane Kathryn Kline Ft, and Kline, Jane K.$125,000, 61 Greenwood St, Leonard, Elizabeth, to Macben Rt, and Mason, Deborah J.$35,000, 140-154 Parker St, Gardner City Of, to Lin, Yan, and Cheung, Ka.


$5,867,046, 217 Worcester St, Cfi Propco 2 LLC, to Obsidian Ml 6 LLC.$1,100,000, 2 Patriot Way, Rodriguez, Maria B, and Allemann, Markus, to Gondi, Srinivas, and Kalluru, Sireesha.$980,000, 1 Patriot Way, Gondi, Srinivas, and Kalluru, Sireesha, to Fisher, Sandy A.$555,000, 8 Usher Rd, Home By Holly LLC, to Cozart, Elizabeth J, and Kranz, Luke A.$476,000, 64 Hudson Ave, Sowa, Carol A, to Cuzzupe, Christopher R, and Cuzzupe, Elizabeth L.$470,000, 44 N Main St, Crisafulli, Paul R, and Crisafulli, Mekenna H, to Dale, Harry W, and Dale, Elizabeth G.$399,900, 48 Edward Dr #48, Barry, Timothy J, and Barry, Lynda D, to Faro, Olivia, and Willey, Nathaniel.$260,000, 3 Messier St #4, Orlando, Laura, to Costigan, Mikayla J.


$1,360,000, 129 Brown Rd, Jeanson Bldrs Contracting, to Johnson, Ryan J, and Johnson, Jill M.$870,000, 13 Eldridge Rd, Flynn-Dezutter Ft, and Dezutter, James E, to Holzman, Joshua R, and Specht, Alexandra M.$840,500, 52 Tahanto Trl, Marteney Rt, and Marteney, David E, to Kahn, Dustin K, and Huelsbeck, Audrey J.$215,400, 11 Trail Ridge Way #B, Christine Direeno T, and Cleary, Sherri A, to Tusa, Pamela A.


$650,000, 2 Mark Cir, Rizzo, Daniella, and Intagliata, Sal G, to Bartholomew, Christian.$500,000, 221 Muschopauge Rd, Floyd, Heidi J, to Welch, Kyle, and Dunn, Garret.$455,000, 181 Sterling Rd, Hodgin, Heather K, and Malfa, Vincent M, to Shaw Development Inc.$337,000, 25 Montana Dr, Nadeau, Cristy J, to Kuzio, Sarah.


$885,000, 5 Elizabeth Rd, Stifnagle, Christopher, and Stifnagle, Nicole, to Hynes-Griffin Ft, and Griffin, Jacqueline A.$355,000, 250 Main St #420, Barton, Lorraine R, to Martelli, Gayla P.$340,000, 36 Old North Rd, Seymour, Blake T, and Seymour, Shelby L, to Camerato 4th, Joseph J.$200,000, 13 Temi Rd, Rtn Federal Credit Union, to 13 Temi Road LLC.


$650,000, 246 Nicholas Dr, Barbara C Manley Irt, and Manley, Barbara E, to Hartman, Dana L.$400,000, 28 Fuller Ave, Davis, Jessica E, and Davis, Matthew J, to Pessolano, Robert P.


$560,000, 162 Baldwin St, Shogren, Matthew, to Lee, Hans.$485,000, 2 Dale St, Starbird Ft, and Starbird, Peter T, to Batts, Adessa.$476,000, 211 Henshaw St, Pamela J Paluk T, and Paluk, Pamela J, to Dagnello, Paul L, and Choiniere, Kerie L.$470,000, 8 Sanfred Rd, Paulino, Madison R, to Esan, Olusola S.$465,000, 335 Main St, Cherry Hill Re Corp, to Colour Box Realty LLC.$400,000, 598 Henshaw St, Berkshire Prop Buyers LLC, to Maye, Melissa E, and Queiros, Ryan E.$395,000, 53 Virginia Dr #53, Trombley, Constance E, and Santilli, Pamela A, to Olsen, Arthur J, and Ogorman, Karen.$15,000, Watch St, Mapes, Janet M, to Corso, Nicholas A, and Corso, Anthony F.


$625,000, 11 Notre Dame St, Diller, Ralph L, and Diller, Charlene F, to De Freitas, Antonio.$560,000, 83 Cumberland Rd, 83 Cumberland Rd Rt, and Venios, Andrew S, to Moleus, Raoul, and Moleus, Chrisly.$450,000, 39 Pleasant Ter, Mills, Seth, and Mills, Alexandra V, to Baker, Anthony D.$450,000, 47 North St, Dodson, William T, and Dodson, Fiona C, to Chambers, Valerie, and Young, Michael A.$400,000, 10 Mascoma St, Louis, Herby C, and Lamothe, Louise L, to Johnson, Hermano.$400,000, 29 5th St, Hemingway, Paul G, and Hemingway, Yvonne T, to Resendes, Juliana.$400,000, 310 Litchfield St, 1520 LLC, to Duclair, Jasmy B.$388,326, 1012 Main St, Newvue Liabilities To Ass, to Ornelas, Joao F.$355,000, 77 Chapman Pl #77, Hayes, Kathleen, to Mcgreal, Jane.$274,000, 117 Pennacook Dr #117, Alfson, Rita A, to Hodges, Sara J.$225,000, 49 Berrington Rd #49, Jim & Cathy Burgoyen T, and Burgoyne Jr, James E, to Paskell, Michael J.$195,000, 36 Marcello Ave #5, 30 Marcello Ave Porperty, to Li, Yan, and Macleod, Neil W.


$460,000, 96 Lakefront St, 96 Lakefront Rt, and Ricker, Kenneth J, to Whalom Realty LLC.$25,000, 995 Reservoir Rd, Plante, Marykate C, and Keating 2nd, Paul J, to Daisy Joanne LLC.


$700,000, 43 Blossom Ln, Alves, Sander J, and Silva, D D, to Stinner, Jennifer.$690,000, 169 Clinton St, Ahern, Harold, and Ahern, Jacqueline S, to Manchester-Miles, M L, and Manchester-Miles, Dennis.$510,000, 52 Heatherwood Dr #52, Zinman, Norman M, to Tower, Janet L.$465,000, 475 Northboro Rd W #3, Yu, Yi J, and Liu, Annie Q, to Monestime, Louis-Philippe, and Monestime, Anita W.$300,000, 25 West St, Taylor Paul A Est, and Guilford, Peter C, to Gentili, Donald J.


$300,000, 41 Taft Ave, Bassignani, John, to Pereira Industry Inc.


$650,000, 48 Howard St, Waldrup, Jason M, to Polcari, Jacob.$632,000, 1 Zain Cir #1, Shroff, Manish, and Agarwal, Khushbu, to Miranda, Edwin, and Miranda, Erin I.$600,000, 102 Purchase St, Garrote, Walter, and Medina, Maria R, to Murphy, Mark S, and Murphy, Tabitha.$551,000, 4 Vassar Dr, Casey, John P, and Casey, Jennifer N, to Fontaine, Alyssa, and Moore, Robert.$470,000, 1 Sabatinelli Rd, Negrotti-Benoit, Deborah, and Benoit 3rd, Philip C, to Pomavilla, Gladys T, and Saeteros, Jose N.$455,000, 9 Godfrey Ln #9, Mukangwize, Christine, to Bodio Sr, Robert F, and Bodio, Ann M.$388,000, 10 W Walnut St, Figueroa, Roque R, and Figueroa, Melanie M, to Silva, Alexandre M.$260,000, 15 Shadowbrook Ln #28, Ayres, Aldemir A, and Anastacio, Iracema O, to De Oliveira, Rafael N.$180,000, 284 West St, Sunday Football LLC, to Tman Properties LLC.


$640,000, 4 Nicole Dr, Shupe, Samuel R, and Shupe, Laura G, to Brothers, Christopher.$596,987, 44 Logans Run, Czervik Properties LLC, to Garside Ft Of 2019, and Garside, Anne.$522,299, 46 Logans Run, Czervik Properties LLC, to Tebbetts, Albert F, and Tebbetts, Maria D.


$260,000, 19 Providence St #C, Dulac, Gary, and Dulac, Janine M, to Thatcher, Adam K, and Thatcher, Tammy S.


$775,000, 253 Brewer St, Kent, Stacie A, and Hill, Aaron D, to Mcguire, Candice E, and Mcguire, Raymond W.$720,000, 27 Dunia Ln #27, Patro, Siba P, and Tripathy, Seona, to Gajjar, Mittal C, and Gajjar, Chandrakant N.$685,500, 4 Park St, Guarino, Carolyn M, to Houldsworth, Michael S, and Rogers, Kimberly E.$340,000, 1 Meadowbrook Rd, Reed, Courtney, and Cray, Patricia A, to Greene, Steven.


$828,000, 346 Shining Rock Dr, Sami, Muhammad, and Sami, Sharon, to Nalbandyan, Artur, and Voskanyan, Anna.$700,000, 28 Heights Of Hill St, Kerouac, Ann, and Kerouac, Michael P, to Lu, Quang, and Nguyen, Yen.$649,999, 44 Mikes Way #44, Henault Buliders Inc, to Barry, Barbara, and Frisard, Laura.$555,005, 126 Fowler Rd, Bond, Alexis, and Bond, Tucker, to Coker, John B, and Kearney, Sandra J.$430,000, 26 Theresa Cir, Calnan, Christopher R, and Calnan, Michele M, to Hewitt, Mark A, and Hewitt, Victoria L.$340,000, 1-3 Oak St, Quinama, Sahr M, and Quinama, Debra A, to Kibbe, Randy.


$375,000, 245 Brookside Rd, Dodge Contracting LLC, to Coffin, Sean.$360,000, 54 Hamilton Ave, V&j Real Estate Inc, to Forte Jr, George P, and Forte, Monica T.$300,000, 81 Intervale Rd, Lomassonwulkan Funding T, and Wulkan, Peter G, to Pratt, Mei L, and Mccartney, Owen.


$4,651,719, 200 Southbridge Rd, Cfi Propco 2 LLC, to Obsidian Ml 6 LLC.$440,000, 42 Church St, Boutilette, Patrick M, and Boutilette, Emily, to Ullah, Ihsan.$400,000, 12 Bounty Rd, J H Jr & J E Goulet Irt, and Goulet Jr, Joseph H, to Alves, Erik D, and Saraf, Kayla M.$400,000, 12 Patricia Dr #12, Gauthier, Michael A, and Gauthier, Judith E, to Zahavi, Constance, and Zahavi, William.$150,000, 12 Thayer Pond Dr #7, Mccarthy, Donna A, and Ma Hsng Fin Agency, to Dougwill LLC.


$650,000, 6 Cutler Rd, Newsham, Paul J, and Newsham, Sarah A, to Lavalle, Daria, and Riley, Edward A.$480,000, 18 Cutler Rd, Giangregorio Joseph J Est, and Giangregorio-Librandi, M, to Horn, John R, and Horn, Maryann.$425,000, 46 Village Rd #46, Mcdermott, Robert B, and Mcdermott, Margaret M, to Briggs, Maureen C.$35,000, Grove St, Hastings, Marjorie, to Robies, Consuelo R.


$21,900, Briggs Rd W, Kirklewski, Kenneth B, to Leslie, Troy.


$525,000, 30 State Rd, Montalbano, William, and Montalbano, Penney, to Rosengren, Brian, and Rosengren, Kira.


$206,518, 5 Old Colony Rd Ext, Lyons, Delores A, and Fed Hm Loan Mtg Corp Tr, to Seasoned Credit Ris T 201, and Fed Hm Loan Mtg Corp Tr.


$581,000, 30 Wildbrook Dr, Breault, John F, and Breault, Kathleen M, to Osman, Assem.$230,000, 378 Pommogussett Rd, Guilotte, Robert D, and Guilotte, Pamela, to Sandstrom, James.


$1,250,000, 4 Meadow Hill Rd, Wyman, Stephen J, and Wyman, Margaret A, to Yu, Xiaolu, and Wang, Dong.$1,225,000, 10 Boylston St, Canzano, Gertrude L, to Chhetri, Prakash A, and Gurung, Nabina A.$1,075,000, 154 S Quinsigamond Ave, Haffty, David, and Haffty, Donghee, to Dewolfe, Jarad W.$825,000, 11 Heronwood Dr, Tedesco Lt, and Tedesco, Gail, to Yilmaz, Nese K, and Yilmaz, Lutfu S.$765,000, 35 Rawson Hill Dr, Justiniano, Hector, and Justiniano, Maria, to Santosuosso, Michael A.$720,000, 22 South St, Fisher, Sandy A, and Fisher, Todd, to Milshteyn, Eugene, and Thompson, Megan.$550,000, 75 Mercury Dr, Murray Jr, Mark T, and Genis, Nicole J, to Stathas Ft, and Stathas, Phillip S.$515,000, 76 Harrington Farms Way #76, Virginia M Chew RET, and Chew, Paul E, to Mishra, Rahul, and Mishra, Swati R.$475,000, 395 S Quinsigamond Ave, Nguyen, Loc B, and Nguyen, Kieu T, to Nguyen, Trieu, and Pham, Tam T.$450,000, 32 Wesleyan Ter, Moore, Jill, and Larocque, Eric, to Lanoue, Jeffrey A.


$1,499,999, 22 Lovers Ln, Prestige Property Dev LLC, to Almeida, Sandra, and Miller, John.$657,000, 19 Rockpoint Rd, Badavas, Judith O, to Johnson, Barry A, and Johnson, Rebecca.


$5,300,000, 295 Main St, Vtt Southbridge LLC, to Wps Southbridge 65 LLC.$5,300,000, 344 Main St, Vtt Southbridge LLC, to Wps Southbridge 65 LLC.$445,000, 16 Gerard St, Bertnell Realty Inc, to Hoyosorrego, Heiber.$415,000, 190 Cournoyer Blvd, Phaseup Properties LLC, to Reyes, Carlos A, and Gonzales, Jenifer.$300,000, 232 Everett St, Flores, Nefy A, to Diaz, Marcela C.$237,000, 340 Hamilton St, Trucheon, Patricia A, and Mortgage Assets Mgmt LLC, to V&j LLC.


$750,000, 18 Elm St, Jebola Properties Inc, to Elm Properties LLC.$650,000, 7 Debbie Dr, Kennen, Colleen M, and Kennen, Brian W, to Machicote, Nelida, and Machicote, Angel.$511,000, 11 Pauls Dr, Karrmann, Michael J, and Karrmann, Brianna E, to Allard, Katie.$210,000, 8 Crestview Dr #39, Ostrout Jr Henry C Est, and Lavin, Christine M, to Oliver, Matthew J.


$690,000, 15 Hunter Ln, Harlinski, Kevin M, and Harlinski, Suzanne H, to Burke, Ryan, and Ponticelli, Sara.


$709,900, 77 Fairway View Dr #77, Sandstrom, Scott, and Sandstrom, Ellen, to Curran, Nicholas, and Curran, Caitlyn.$665,000, 50 Colonial Rd, Perauer, Christian, and Hufschmid, Alejandra A, to Damico, Daniel, and Sciannameo, Christina.$190,000, 83 Barnett Rd, Van Dyke Clarence Est, and Van Dyke, Harriet I, to Page, Dorothy R.


$450,000, 416 Otter River Rd, Cormier, John J, and Cormier, Melissa L, to Boudreau, Joanne G, and Criggar, Rachel L.$420,000, 10 Winter St, Wheeler, Scott E, and Weber, Deborah A, to Mele Jr, Robert C, and Mele, Rachel J.$351,000, 105 State Rd, Zalewski, Alexander J, to Martin, Glen, and Martin, Mary S.


$650,000, 36 Rockmeadow Rd, Santoian, Abel J, to Gilmore, Daniel, and Gilmore, Barbara.$583,665, 182 Crownshield Ave #182, Independence Uxbridge Rlt, to Simpson, Keith F, and Goldberg, Holly M.$500,000, 55 Lake St, Hamelin, Michael D, and Hamelin, Patricia A, to Brown, Justin, and Duval, Carolyn S.$430,000, 25 Olde Canal Way #25, Sutton, Kristen M, and Sutton, Robert A, to Hamelin, Michael D, and Hamelin, Patricia A.$335,000, 3 Strathmore Shire Dr #G, Michaelson Jr, Donald E, and Michaelson, Terreasa M, to Curtin, Drew A, and Nordquist, Capria L.$330,000, 30 Fair St, 30 Fair Street T, and Donatelli, James A, to Dambra, Brian F, and Bianco, Olivia R.


$436,500, 2 High Meadow Ln, Stankiewicz, Jody, to Aiesi, Michael, and Aiesi, Kristen.$317,000, 152 North St, Aiesi, Michael P, and Aiesi, Kristen E, to Mahoney, Jonathan, and Mahoney, Lauren.$270,000, 16 Clifford Ave, Greany, Martin H, and Greany, Barbara J, to Alvarado, Destiny L.$240,000, 16 Church St, Wilmot, Patricia A, and Fitzgerald Jr, Joseph W, to Olan, Ramon.$225,000, 9 Richfield Ave, Goudreau, Darryl A, to Cooney, Ronald.


$259,000, 25 Winthrop Ter, Emmanuel Charismatic Epis, to Sango, Mispa, and Sango, David.$125,000, 71 Southbridge Rd, Kennen Joanne M Est, and Tetreault, Sarah D, to Mcneely, Russell L, and Mcneely, Annette M.


$1,252,013, 131 S Shore Rd, Lorenz, William C, and Lorenz, Sandra A, to Wesley Fairmont T, and Palmer, Susan R.$580,000, 15 Douglas Rd, Weiker, Lorraine L, to Michaelson Jr, Donald E, and Michaelson, Terresa M.$420,000, 9 Kosmas St, Kelleher, Kyle P, and Jewell-Kelleher, Kathleen, to Palmero, Abi A, and Severino, Josefina F.$405,000, 150 Lake St, Keka, Arben, to Galvez, Victor P.$366,500, 251 High St, Gibert 3rd, James M, and Gibert, Ann S, to Brerry, Marines C, and Cabrera, Jesus A.$120,000, 166 Lower Gore Rd, Kenney, Joseph B, and Kenney, Nancy L, to Poteet, Mary, and Geraigery, Tanisha.

West Boylston

$535,000, 20 Helen Dr, Sciannameo, Christina, and Damico, Daniel A, to Burger, Benjamin W, and Hydro, Marie C.$435,000, 77 Hillside Village Dr #77, Carlo Victor E Est, and Carlo, Kenneth F, to Richard F & K A Perry Irt, and Perry, Kathleen A.$350,000, 21 Winthrop St, Gould Virginia A Est, and Roche, Kevin R, to Mcsweeney, Kelli M, and Mcsweeney, James.$200,000, 124 Pierce St, Golden, Alice M, to Gervais, Joyce M.

West Brookfield

$385,000, 72 W Shore Dr, Kitch, Kimberly, and Ornell, Craig T, to Narankevicius, Ashley, and Narankevicius, Michael.


$1,120,000, 64 Townsend Blvd #64, Saraiya, Urvish, and Shah, Jigisha, to Virmalwar, Nitin S, and Tammewar, Manali S.$680,000, 46 Ruggles St, Cox, Jerome W, to Byrnes, Joseph, and Mccarron, Danielle.$670,000, 7 Forbes St, Everett, Stephen A, and Burgess-Everett, Johanna, to Radogna, Thomas V, and Radogna, Patrice L.$635,000, 11 Golden Ct #11, Joel H Osit T, and Osit, Matthew, to Weigl, Andrew, and Weigl, Bonnie.$511,000, 194 Ruggles St, Moore, Melvin W, and Moore, Rosetta M, to Smith Jr, Robert W, and Santoro-Smith, Anna F.$510,000, 2113 Simeon Howard Way #2113, Westborough Assoc LLC, to Eati, Shyam, and Eati, Pratyusha.


$763,000, 11 Hanks Hill Rd, Ciesluk, Camille M, to Garrity, Thomas, and Garrity, Marissa K.$690,000, 1 White Pine Dr, Traditional Concepts Inc, to Atencio, John C, and Atencio, Theresa M.$606,500, 30 South St, Onidi, Aaron, to Silvestri, Steven, and Silvestri, Annette.$415,000, 40 Stone Hill Rd, Drury, Joshua E, and Drury, Brianna M, to Oconnor, Myles P, and Chandler, Kerrie L.$345,000, 21 Elliott St, G-Calabrese, Cassandra I, to Newman, Douglas, and Newman, Kelley.


$600,000, 202-204 Glenallen St, Tiger Cat Properties LLC, to Mds Properties LLC.$600,000, 208-212 Glenallen St, Tiger Cat Properties LLC, to Mds Properties LLC.$421,000, 98 Alger St, Olsson, P D, to Sargent, Kurt, and Sargent, Melissa.$380,000, 175 Metcalf St, Bonfanti, Ana, to Murray, Zachary, and Murray, Ekaterini.$331,500, 630 River St, Sargent, Melissa A, and Sargent, Kurt, to 580 River Street LLC.$305,000, 122 Hale St, Clear Coast Realty LLC, to Goodwin, Michael K.$270,000, 66 Belmont Ave, Goodwin, Paul K, and Goodwin, Stephanie, to Jones, Thomas E.$58,600, 86 Jackson Ave, New Century Hm Equity Loa, and Beutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, to Chirayath, Smita, and Chirayath, Sam.


$4,682,284, 616 Chandler St, Cumberland Farms Inc, to Obsidian Ml 6 LLC.$1,280,000, 206 Summer St, 206 Summer Street Rt, and Foley Jr, John W, to Cp Summer LLC.$775,000, 1059 Grafton St, Pizzarella Irt-2019, and Pizzarella, Michael, to 1059 Grafton Street LLC.$715,000, 30 Somerset St, Goddard, Andrew, to Cmkg Investments LLC.$715,000, 32 Woodford St, Castillo, Fatima, to Elite Worcester Homes LLC.$675,000, 51 William St, Stephen Charamella T, and Charamella, Stephen, to Miller RET, and Miller, Deanna C.$635,000, 8 Hurtle Ave, Desouza, Elizeu B, and Bernardino, Bruna A, to Calabrese, Michael, and Brito, Angelica.$615,000, 142 Belmont St, Bishop, Daniel J, to Mcevoy, Ciaran.$580,000, 36 Paine St, O&r Rt, and Orourke, Michael, to Roulet, Harry.$550,000, 10 Sycamore St, Cusack, Jessy L, to Tran, Thy N, and Ngo, Huan T.$550,000, 1051 Millbury St, Ballard Realty LLC, to 1051 Millbury LLC.$550,000, 1055 Millbury St, Ballard Realty LLC, to 1051 Millbury LLC.$550,000, 115 Ballard St, Ballard Realty LLC, to 1051 Millbury LLC.$510,000, 478 Burncoat St, Lakewood LLC, to Vaquerano, William, and Lujan, Veronica.$494,000, 162 Belmont St, Donahue, Neil H, and Donahue, Charlene R, to Jimenez, Cristian C.$480,000, 5 Primmett Ln #5, Ricciardi, Richard F, to Breault, Kathleen, and Breault, John.$460,000, 162 Coburn Ave, Sl Rt, and Lauffer, Sam K, to Madigan, Ann M, and Waltman, Elizabeth M.$445,000, 32 Dodge Ave, Murray, Zachary, and Murray, Ekaterini, to Hobbs, Jamila.$437,500, 10-12 De Marco Ter #B, Travaglio, Theresa, to Galligani, Juliann M, and Travaglio-Romeo, Michael.$431,500, 770 Salisbury St #271, Mancini, Christopher J, and Mancini, Michelle A, to Rajavel, Rajesh D, and Rajavel, Kavitha S.$412,000, 106 Barnard Rd, Dhima, Aleksander, and Dhima, Raimonda, to Barker, Leah.$410,000, 7 Papineau St, Johnston, Ilda, to Niemeier, Peter.$407,500, 41 Thornton Rd, Anderson, Corey M, to Milbury, Owen, and Milbury, Rebecca.$380,000, 44 Cleveland Ave, Fahey, Matthew M, and Fahey, Kristin L, to Rudalf, Joseph.$370,000, 7 Benjamin Rd, Ryan, Jane A, to Freeland, Donna M, and Freeland, Jay W.$369,900, 4006 Brompton Cir #4006, Allen, Sandra C, to Paugh, Patricia C.$365,000, 40 Henshaw St, Zhang, Haozhe, to Nguyen, Huu, and Nguyen, Thuong K.$360,000, 6 Westinghouse Pkwy, Williamson, Alex J, to Flanagan, Jennifer A.$360,000, 71 Locust Ave, Zhang, Peng, to Tolom, Carmelina S, and Sic, Sheily R.$355,000, 35 Baltic Rd, Bousbouras, Ioannis G, and Bousbouras, Danuta T, to Himel, Rachel, and Himel, Ethan J.$350,000, 6 Wapiti Dr, Flips Done Right LLC, to Castagnola, Amy L.$345,000, 76 Gates Ln, Shepard, Steven, to Allajbej, Dritan, and Allajbej, Eneo.$335,000, 29 Natural History Dr, Appleton Grove LLC, to Acevedo, Juan, and Rosario, Rafael J.$324,000, 3 Sprague Ln, Vezina, Elaine E, and Towd Pt Mtg T2018-6, to Towd Pt Mtg T2018-6, and U S Bank Na Tr.$322,000, 122 Indian Hill Rd, Marshall, Karen J, and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, to Moura, Danny.$312,000, 35 Osceola Ave #35, Erricolo, Jessica H, to Lambert, Shannon L.$302,000, 20 Arline St, Kandoyan, Raffi, to Antonyan, Lilit.$284,900, 1 Envelope Ter #205, Leung, Sekfai P, and Leung, Betty N, to Labeach, Michael J.$280,000, 25 Andover St #G1, Kap, Michelle, and Kap, Kelly, to Costa 2nd, Charles, and Merrill, Lauren.$247,000, 17 Boardman St, Option One Mtg Loan T, and Wells Fargo Bank Na Tr, to Karam, David.$240,000, 7 Congress St #1, Dolan James C Est, and Dolan, Christopher, to Bunker, David H.$192,315, 36 Gibbs St #7, Westerlind, Lynn, to Ma, Yiting.$191,750, 16 Dayton St #2F, Abadjiev, Svetlin, and Pavlova, Milena K, to Dominov, Mincho.$171,500, 5 State St #F4, Liu, Siping, and Luo, Qin, to Alk Ft, and Kravets, Gennadly.$163,907, 122 Indian Hill Rd, Moura, Danny, to Aoude, George.$162,000, 10 Dryden St #1, Bohigian Charles F Est, and Massad, Gina M, to Calle, Diego.$78,000, 142 Elm St #1, Andrews, Paul, to Central City Props.$69,000, 26 Oxford St, First Landing Invs LLC, to Delux Construction Inc.$50,000, 22 Huron Ave, Bisceglia, Libera M, to Happy Hen Properties LLC.$45,000, 26 Oxford St, Mirla Enterprises LLC, to First Landing Invs LLC.

This article originally appeared on Telegram & Gazette: Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, June 25