Woodward, Bernstein and Redford Grind Washington Post Newsroom to a Halt

Adam Martin
July 31, 2012
Woodward, Bernstein and Redford Grind Washington Post Newsroom to a Halt

You can't trot Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein through the newsroom of The Washington Post, accompanied by Robert Redford and Ben Bradlee and all documented by Annie Leibovitz, and not expect the whole thing to be documented breathlessly on Twitter. To judge from the excited tweets and Instagrams, the Watergate icons caused a bit of a work stoppage at the paper on Tuesday as staffers dropped by to gawk and pay their respects while Leibovitz snapped photos for a Vanity Fair shoot. "Is there really nothing going on out there to report?" quipped Woodward to the staffers, according to James Ball. Redford, who played Woodward in All the President's Men, is producing a documentary about Watergate to air on the Discovery channel next year.

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The deluge of snapshots of the shoot showing up on Twitter and Instagram suggest that it's no secret, and that the Post staff is clearly star-struck. But they do undermine any kind of surprise the magazine could hope to achieve with the spread. Consider it payback, of a sort, for Vanity Fair getting the scoop that Deep Throat, the ultra-secret source for Woodward and Bernstein's groundbreaking Watergate reporting, was former FBI no. 2 Mark Felt. 

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The staff just cannot sit down and let this happen without documenting it, according to this shot from reporter Mike DeBonis:

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Robert Redford having a casual chat with Annie Leibovitz. Just another day at @postvideo. twitter.com/nickidems/stat…

— Nicki DeMarco (@nickidems) July 31, 2012

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The Post's Adam Griffiths shared this one of Leibovitz, with the caption "today will be remembered as the day I shook @Annieleibovitz's hand":

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Home and design writer Jura Koncius shared this one:

Blogger Melissa Bell is maybe the only one who can actually do work while Leibovitz and Redford have a chat over her head, per Post video director Andrew Pergam.