Women’s health clinic in Roanoke warns clients of security breach

ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR)—Physicians to Women (PTWO) provided notice to some of its clients of a security breach involving personal information.

PTOW says they were notified about suspicious activity within its network on April 4, 2023. In response, immediate steps were taken to secure its systems and an investigation began into the nature and scope of the incident with assistance from a third-party computer forensic specialist.

The investigation found that an unauthorized account gained access to certain systems in PTWO’s network and acquired specific files from these systems. The office identified the affected files and worked with a data review vendor to examine the files affected and find the types of information contained and whom the breach relates.

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After the data review, the results showed that the files contained patients’ names, social security numbers, and personal medical/health information. Although they were never able to confirm whether information was viewed by the unauthorized account, PTWO does not want to rule out the possibility.

As a precaution, PTWO says they will be providing credit monitoring for a year and have implemented additional security measures to further protect against future incidents. It has also notified Federal Law enforcement and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services about the security breach.

PTWO is taking this incident very seriously. It states that the confidentiality, privacy, and security of patients are among their highest priorities, and strict security measures are in place to protect private information.

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