Woman tries to buy iPads with food stamps, fails

A Louisville, Ky. woman was arrested before the holidays after she aggressively attempted to purchase a iPads with her food stamp card.

Tracy Browning was jailed after she allegedly tried to purchase iPads from a Walmart with her EBT card and fled the store with the hardware when the transaction failed, assaulting an employee on her way out, according to a report from Louisville’s WHAS11.

The 38-year old woman was arrested a short time later at another Walmart trying to buy more iPads with her EBT card.

According to The Vice Weekly, Browning had already been banned from Walmart stores due to prior problems with the chain. She has been charged with robbery, shoplifting and trespassing.

The story of Browning’s ill-fated attempt to purchase the popular Apple products with her government benefit (intended for food) first broke in mid-December on WHAS11. The story received added attention this week when it was picked up in the blogosphere.

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Woman tries to buy iPads with food stamps, fails

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