Woman thought she won $500 in Michigan lottery. Her co-worker told her to look again

A Michigan woman thought she won $500 after she scratched off her Michigan lottery ticket.

Then her co-worker said, “You might want to look at that prize amount again.”

The 64-year-old woman’s prize was $500,000, according to the Michigan Lottery.

“When I saw it was actually $500,000, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack!” she told lottery officials.

The woman from Allegan County bought the ticket at a gas station in Plainwell on her way to work.

The woman told lottery officials she and the clerk were talking about retirement.

“When [the clerk] handed me the ticket, she said: ‘Well, I hope this ticket helps with saving for retirement!’” the woman told the Michigan Lottery.

The woman plans to pay bills, pay off her house and save the rest, according to officials.

Plainwell is about 160 miles west of Detroit.

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