A woman says she escaped a suspected serial killer in Detroit by stabbing him with a box cutter and diving out a window

deangelo martin
deangelo martin

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  • Detroit police have filed four homicide warrants against a man suspected of committing several murders over a period of months.

  • One 51-year-old woman who says she survived one of the suspect's attacks testified in court that she stabbed him with a box cutter to escape.

  • Deangelo Martin, 34, is still under investigation in connection with the murders, and has been charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, as well as assault with intent to murder and kidnapping. He has pleaded not guilty.

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Detroit police said they filed four homicide warrants on Thursday for a man suspected of committing a grisly murder spree that stoked fear across the city for months.

Authorities had warned residents in June that a possible serial killer and rapist was targeting sex workers in their 50s, leaving their bodies fully or partially naked in vacant homes on the city's east side.

Deangelo Martin, 34, is now in custody while prosecutors decide whether to charge him with those murders. Martin is already facing four first-degree sexual assault charges, as well as assault charges with intent to murder and kidnapping, according to Michigan court records.

Martin has pleaded not guilty to all the charges he faces so far.

One 51-year-old woman testified against Martin in court on Thursday, saying she survived a potentially deadly encounter at the hands of a man who attacked her as she walked down a Detroit street in early June, pulling her into a house and choking her until she blacked out.

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'I overpowered him'

"He was on top of me when I woke up," the woman, who remained unidentified, told the court. When prosecutors asked what went through her mind during the attack, she said, "I'm about to die."

The woman broke down in tears at one point, and told the court she eventually managed to reach for a box cutter she kept for protection.

"I overpowered him, and I went back and I stuck him," she said. "And I went back again and I stuck him again."

When she finished stabbing him, she headed towards a window and "jumped through it," she said. "I dived out of there."

The woman initially didn't identify Martin as her attacker — instead, she named a different man who had propositioned her shortly before the attack — but investigators said they found Martin's DNA in drops of blood on the woman's sweatpants, according to the local ABC affiliate WXYZ.