This Woman Quit Her Job to Knit Sweaters for Rescued Greyhounds

Jan Brown, 52, from Seaburn, England, knits sweaters, hats, and neck warmers for rescued greyhounds … and not just because they’re completely adorable.

“I started knitting from an early age, and after making a few coats for my own greyhounds, it seemed like a great way to help the animal shelters.” Brown told the Mirror.

She started knitting for a small greyhound rescue center in 2008 and has now hand-knitted more than 300 sweaters for abandoned dogs. Each sweater can take her up to 20 hours to complete.

“I have spent more than 4,000 hours knitting, but it’s all worthwhile when I see them sporting their new jumpers and hats.”

Though Brown’s collection of knits includes Santa coats and reindeer antlers, it’s about more than providing pooches with festive cheer.

According to the Mirror, Kerry Elliman from Birmingham Greyhounds Protection said, “Jan’s been absolutely amazing for us - she’s saved us a lot of money that we need to spend on vet bills for our greyhounds.

Unlike furrier animals, like German shepherds, having layers is really essential for our greyhounds, and it’s all the sweeter when it’s in a Christmas design.”

To keep up with the demand for these canine knits, Jan’s husband suggested she quit her job. And that’s just what she did: In 2012 she started knitting full-time, selling her products from her online store, Knitted With Love.

All proceeds from her business go to helping animal shelters across the U.K.

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