A Woman Pulled Out Her 'White Privilege Card' During A Traffic Stop And It Wasn't The Flex She Thought It Was

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A Filipino woman managed to avoid a citation during a traffic stop in Alaska after she showed officers a “White Privilege Card” instead of her driver’s license, the New York Post reports.

The woman, Mimi Israelah, shared in a since-deleted Facebook post that she was pulled over on July 9 while returning to Anchorage, Alaska, from California, where she attended a Trump rally.

Unable to find her driver’s license after it was requested by the officer, she spotted her “white privilege card,” which she decided to hand over instead.

Much to her liking, the officers appeared to laugh while looking at the card, which read: “White Privilege Card Trumps Everything.”

“That’s hilarious,” someone can be heard saying in the clip.

“It’s their first time to see a White Privileged card,” she wrote in the deleted Facebook post.




According to HuffPost, Israelah did not receive a citation during the traffic stop. The Anchorage police officers involved in the traffic stop were identified as Nicholas Bowe and Charles Worland.

The Anchorage Police Department said that Bowe and Worland violated policy by letting her go without a citation, Anchorage Daily News reports. The department said they’re aware of the video and that the stop was inappropriate, HuffPost reports.

An internal investigation into the incident confirmed that Worland and Bowe did violate department policy. Though they have been placed on administrative leave, the police department has not shared whether they’ll face further repercussions, the New York Post reports.

“The investigation regarding the incident is completed and is a part of confidential personnel files that will not be released publicly,” an Anchorage Police Department spokesperson said, according to the Post.

Israelah, who describes herself as Pinay, a woman of Filipino origin, on Twitter, appears to be proud of the traffic stop. Though she took her original post down, she shared a video of the incident and suggested she has more supporters than naysayers.

“The crazy left are outraged over a joke! Are you surprised? But the comments tell you otherwise,” she wrote on Facebook.