Woman Has a Meltdown After Argument Over Boxes With Korean Man in Brooklyn

Ryan General
·2 min read

A woman was caught on film shouting insults at an Asian American man due to an argument over carton boxes at a grocery parking lot in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

LOUDLABS NEWS NYC documented the incident in which a Korean man was seen trying to claim his boxes from a screaming customer.In the clip, the woman can be heard taunting the man, saying, “I’ll take your f***ing box, okay? Get the f*** off my face or I’ll f*** your little Chinese (inaudible)!”Another man who appears to be with the angry woman is shown trying to get the woman to stop while another woman is also trying to keep the Asian man back.When the woman noticed she was being recorded, she approached the LLN reporter and told him to “put the phone down.”The man recording responded by pointing out that she was spewing racist insults: “Did you say Chinese? That’s a hate crime.”"I don’t give a f*** what’s a hate crime now get the f*** off my d*** you f*****!” she screamed back as she walked away.Asked why she was being racist at the man, she just taunted him to “call the cops.”The incident reportedly happened at 3:51 p.m. on Tuesday at 1752 Shore Parkway (BJ's Wholesale Club), according to the YouTube video description. The caption further noted: “According to the victim, the dispute was about boxes being used to carry their groceries to their vehicles. The woman cursed out the Asian man including calling him Chinese. When an Asian journalist intervened and called out her racist behavior she went after him with insults, homophobic slurs, making sexual demands, and threw a can of soda at him as he was going inside the store. This following the recent uptick in anti-Asian attacks and racism during the pandemic.”The victim, who said his name is Dennis, later narrated that the incident began when he put his empty boxes near him at the cashier station as he was paying for his groceries.As he was turned back, the man with the woman reportedly took the boxes and put their stuff in them. When the woman saw that he noticed them, she told him to meet them in the parking lot so they could return the boxes to him after they unloaded their stuff into their car.“I said, ‘Okay,’ then I followed them but then she started screaming, yelling, and cursing,” he shared. “She’s trying to fight with me but I will not fight with a woman. That’s why I just keep staying away.”According to Dennis, the woman also threatened to cut him off in the road with her car. NextShark has reached out to the NYPD for further comment and will update this article accordingly. Feature Image via LOUDLABS NEWS NYC

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