Woman killed in San Diego by man falling off a building

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<p>A makeshift memorial has been set up where the accident happened</p> (Getty Images)

A makeshift memorial has been set up where the accident happened

(Getty Images)

A 29-year-old woman died when a man fell from the top of a building in San Diego and landed on top of her.

The woman, identified as Taylor Kahle, was walking with a friend on Sunday when a man “falling from a high level” of a parking structure landed on her and caused massive injuries, the San Diego county medical examiner's office said.

San Diego police officers, who were nearby, pulled over to help. Despite lifesaving efforts, she was pronounced dead at the scene, the office’s statement said.

A makeshift memorial has been set up where the accident happened.

The man has not been identified, but the medical examiner report said he was in his 20s or 30s. He was “seen hanging from the outside railing of the ninth floor balcony of the structure. He fell to the ground and onto a passerby who was walking on the sidewalk below,” the medical examiner said.

He died at a local hospital less than an hour later, and his death was ruled a suicide, People quoted officials as saying.

The man who was walking with Kahle was not injured, police said.

Her boss Laurel McFarlane told CBS 8 that Kahle was on a second date with a man she met online. "I just want people to know she is an incredible person. This tragedy does not define her," she said.

Ms McFarlane also told Fox affiliate KSWB that Kahle spent the last year living with her father during the pandemic and the two were very close.

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