Woman found dead in field in 1998, Maryland deputies say. A tip helps identify her

A 31-year-old woman who was found dead in 1998 has been identified, Maryland deputies said.

The woman’s case eventually went cold after deputies found her dead lying in a Bel Alton field, according to a March 22 news release by the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators worked with news outlets, and the woman’s story was promoted on social media “every year, on the anniversary of her discovery,” deputies said.

On the 25th anniversary of the woman’s discovery, a story aired on WRC-TV, which led to detectives getting a tip that same day, officials said.

A caller believed the woman was their relative, deputies said.

“We have received tips in the past and had our hopes up, but DNA ruled those potential relatives out,” Deputy Director Noelle Gehrman of the Forensic Science Section said in the release. “But when this tip came in, everything the caller conveyed just fit. I felt we now had a direction to move forward and a solid lead to pursue.”

The relative sent photos to deputies, and they found the sketches made of the woman looked similar to the photos, officials said.

In 2023, investigators were able to track down the woman’s siblings and got a DNA sample from one of them, deputies said.

Then investigators met with the woman’s family who confirmed her identity as LaQuanda Denise Williams of Washington, D.C., the sheriff’s office said.

“Now, we have a name to work with in an attempt to identify the person responsible for her murder. We won’t give up in our pursuit for justice,” Sheriff Troy D. Berry said on Facebook.

Deputies ask anyone with information to call 301-932-3037, officials said.

Bel Alton is about a 40-mile drive south of Washington, D.C.

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