Woman fired after telling Black dog owner to ‘stay in his hood’

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A woman was fired from her job after footage of her telling a Black dog owner and his fiancé to “stay in their hood” was shared on social media.

Frederick Joseph recorded the confrontation on his mobile, which he says the woman tried to knock out of his hand. He later posted the clip on Twitter, and wrote:

“At the dog park in Brooklyn with my fiancé and this white woman was threatening to call police and told us to ‘stay in our hood’ because she had our dog confused with another dog who had been barking loudly.”

The recording showed Mr Joseph saying: “You just left the dog park to tell us to stay in our hood?” The woman stuck her finger up at Mr Joseph, then, appearing to change tack, put her hand on her chest and said: “Oh my god, did you just say that to me? S**t.”

Mr Joseph asked a bystander if he had overhead, saying: “I’m sorry you were right here and watched this whole thing. Did she not just stand here and tell us to stay in our hood?”

“She did,” the man responded.

As of Monday the footage had received almost 500,000 views, and the woman’s identity, along with her place of work, Bevy, was added to the thread.

Mr Joseph then tagged Bevy’s CEO Derek Anderson into the comments to alert him to the footage. and later posted an update saying he had spoken to Mr Anderson directly. The employee was promptly fired.

Mr Anderson posted a statement on Twitter saying: “@BevyHQ has zero tolerance for discriminatory behavior of any kind. Yesterday an employee engaged in behavior contrary to our values and has been terminated. We apologise deeply to all involved.”

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