Woman filmed screaming at Chinese flight attendants for not speaking Japanese


A Japanese woman has received online criticism after a video of her screaming at China Airlines flight attendants went viral.

About the incident: On June 4, a China Airlines flight from Fukuoka, Japan, to Taipei, Taiwan, was reportedly delayed for approximately 40 minutes due to an unruly passenger. In videos circulating on social media, the Japanese passenger can be seen screaming at flight attendants for not speaking Japanese.

The video: The altercation begins with the passenger standing up and facing the flight attendants. When a staff member attempts to greet the passenger, she screams in English, “Not nice to meet you. Very bad to meet you. Very bad experience.”

“I’m very upset, China Airlines,” the passenger continues to scream. “What are you girls doing?”

Despite the attendants attempting to communicate in English, the woman questions whether they “speak only Chinese.” Stating that she is Japanese, the passenger then loudly asks for the attendants to speak to her in her native language.

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“Sorry, Japanese, please,” the woman yells, disrupting a flight announcement. “Why don’t you guys speak in Japan?” she continues.

When a fellow passenger attempts to ask her to be quiet as the flight is about to take off, the woman berates them, yelling, “What are you? What are you?”

Before being escorted off the flight, she continues to yell at the flight attendants, demanding an apology.

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Criticism: After videos of the incident were posted on Twitter, social media users criticized the passenger’s behavior, calling it shameful and embarrassing.

“Please don’t call me Japanese because it’s embarrassing,” one user wrote in reaction to a shared video of the incident.

Revealing her identity: On June 5, the passenger revealed her identity online as Marizmful (@marizmful).

“This is me and I’m real Japanese and I was trying to ask for water and called a Cabin attendant then I was ignored and I [apologized] for everyone and [was] never paid back any money or insurance," she tweeted in part.

The woman also uploaded a photo of the flight attendant on the day of the incident.

While the current tweet states, “This woman ignored me, and I got off the plane too,” a now-deleted version of the tweet previously read, “This lady made me a criminal! Thank you Taipei CHINA never be independent!”

Apology: On June 7, Marizmful once again took to Twitter to explain her side of the story. She apologized for yelling, then explained that she was upset because she was ignored on the plane. She claimed that she was only heard when she was “screaming yelling and barking.”

Online reactions: Despite Marizmful’s explanation and tweets, online users continued to criticize her for her actions.

One user, who had reportedly been on the same flight, uploaded their own video of the incident, writing, “Your behavior this time is wrong [...] Your behavior is nothing but an act of degrading the Japanese people's dignity and reputation in the world.”

“You’ll have to learn to control your temper in the future, otherwise you won’t be able to go anywhere,” another user wrote.

“Lady, your abusive behavior is highly inappropriate and unacceptable. Yes, abusive behavior. Yes, it was abusive. Extremely abusive,” another said.