Woman Disembowels Her Own Chihuahua to Fake Miscarriage After Sham Pregnancy: Cops

An Alabama woman killed her own dog in order to fake a miscarriage using its blood and organs, police say.

Anita Parker, 43, spent the last few months pretending she was pregnant to lure her estranged husband back into their home, according the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office.

Realizing she couldn't fake a pregnancy forever, Parker allegedly killed her chihuahua, Dolly, on Thursday, ripped out her guts and smeared them on the bed and floor of the couple's home.

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Lawrence County Sheriff's Office Chief of Staff Tim McWhorter told InsideEdition.com that the grisly act was an attempt to stage a miscarried 6-month-old fetus.

The plan started to unravel after Parker was rushed to the hospital, where staff allegedly told her and her husband, Johnny Parker, that she'd never been pregnant — much less had a miscarriage.

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"A while later, [Johnny Parker] goes home, " McWhorter said. "He goes out to the garbage and he finds his dog cut open."

Mr. Parker called authorities, who picked up his wife. During questioning, McWhorter said Mrs. Parker fessed up to the whole thing.

Anita Parker was charged with felony cruelty and has since made $7,000 bond.

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