Woman delivering food caught up in shooting near Springfield gas station; 2 men, teenager arrested

Springfield police arrested two men and a teenager for what they called “reckless” and “senseless” gun violence.

On Feb. 19, a Marathon gas station on S. Yellow Springs Street was hit by gunfire when people in one car were shooting at another in the middle of the afternoon. Police said the shooters fired more than 30 rounds along S. Yellow Springs Street.

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As reported on News Center 7 at 5:00, the shooting was a case of mistaken identity and a woman delivering food ended up being shot at.

“These subjects were looking for someone else, again, related to some of these other shootings,” Sgt. James Bryon said. “And they began firing on a vehicle that was not involved at all. It was a completely innocent subject.”

That woman wasn’t injured in the shooting.

On Thursday, police announced they arrested three people in connection to the gunfire: Jaimer Dearmond-Burks, Simeon Porter, and Porter’s 17-year-old brother.

The trio have been charged with a list of felony charges, the most serious of which is an attempted murder charge against the teenager.

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Byron also said these three are related to “multiple” shootings that took place in less than a week last month.

“They may not be responsible for all of it, but they’re related to all of them. There is another group that we’re looking for as well,” Byron said.

Police said they’re working around the clock to make their community safer and that these kinds of violent crimes are an “absolute priority” for their department.

“We believe this was a big apprehension to hope to knock down some of that violence,” Byron said.