Woman defies driving ban in Saudi Arabia; gets support from fellow drivers

Mike Krumboltz
Yahoo News

An unidentified female defied Saudi Arabia's ban on driving by hopping behind the wheel. A video of her journey was posted by popular blogger Eman al-Nafjan.

The woman can be seen driving on a relatively busy highway. When other motorists pass her on the left, they give her a thumbs-up in support.

Al-Nafjan spoke with CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom about the drive. Jamjoom wrote that al-Nafjan described other drivers' reactions as "fantastic" and went "beyond acceptance."

The driver's protest is particularly timely. Female members of Saudi Arabia's Shoura Council, an influential group that advises King Abdullah, have recommended that the driving ban be repealed, according to a recent report from Reuters.

There is no law banning Saudi Arabian women from driving. However women are not allowed to apply for a driver's license. There are reports of a widespread driving demonstration planned for Oct. 26.