Woman with concealed carry license fatally shoots attempted robber: police

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Authorities in Illinois say a woman with a concealed carry license fatally shot a man who tried to rob her early on Tuesday morning.

Police say the 25-year-old woman was standing at a corner in Chicago's Fernwood neighborhood around 6:00 a.m. waiting for a bus when an armed a 19-year-old male approached her, WGN reports.

When the suspect pulled out a gun, the woman produced her own weapon and shot him in the neck. The injured teen then fled the scene and was discovered one block away by police, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The suspect, whose identity has not yet been released, was transported to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Ill., where he was pronounced dead.

In December, authorities in South Carolina lauded a woman who shot and killed an escaped convict who broke into her home late at night. She was also a concealed carry permit holder, and police say the training she underwent while procuring her weapon likely saved her life.

"This is the shining example of what this lady did," Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark said. "She took the time to get her CWP and set herself up to be able to protect herself and not be harmed, killed or raped or whatever. She came out on the good end of this and the bad guy didn’t."

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