Woman climbs through McDonald's drive-thru window to make her own order in viral TikTok video

A woman takes matters into her own hands after McDonald’s employees tell her they cannot take her order after running out of gloves in a TikTok video that is now going viral.

The clip was originally posted last month by the user @greergreer and has since garnered over 720,000 views and 127,000 likes.

As described by the text in the video, “Lady climbs through McDonald’s window because we’re not taking orders anymore because we have no gloves.”

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A woman in a pink dress and heels pulls herself through the drive-thru window, stunning the entire staff who can be heard roaring with laughter throughout the video.

“What are you doing?” the employees ask, unable to contain their guffawing.

“She’s not playing she wants to make her own food,” reads the following text, along with the face with tears of joy emoji.

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The woman appears to be intoxicated from a late night of drinking, considering the outside of the restaurant is dark and the McDonald’s kitchen is mostly devoid of food.

“Are you the manager?” she asks, pointing to someone before proceeding to ask whether she has permission to “work” with him.

“It’s a ‘training thing,’” she insists with air quotes. “It’s my first day training and I came inaptly dressed so you are not responsible.”

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She reaches over to the manager, offering her pinky up for what appears to be a pinky promise.

The video ends with a shot of the employee recording, still stunned and overwhelmed with laughter. The woman remains unidentified.


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Feature Image via @greergreer