Woman charged after 1-year-old son shoots self in Harrison Twp.

Feb. 13—A woman is facing charges after her 1-year-old son reportedly accessed a gun and shot himself Sunday in Harrison Twp.

Rashaunda Faye Rogers, 24, of Harrison Twp. was charged with endangering children, tampering with evidence and having weapons while under disability, according to Vandalia Municipal Court records.

On Sunday, Harrison Twp. Fire Department crews responded to a Republic Drive apartment on a report of a 1-year-old boy possibly hitting his head on a table. Initial reports said the no one witnessed the boy hitting his head.

Crews transported the 22-month-old boy to Dayton Children's Hospital for treatment.

Around 5 p.m., Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies responded to the hospital due to a child with a head laceration and suspected child abuse, according to court records.

A medical social worker told deputies the 22-month-old boy had a severe laceration to his forehead that exposed his skull, a possible frontal bone fracture and active brain bleed, an affidavit read. The boy also had foreign bodies described as metal or lead in his eye and dark colored spots on his face that were reportedly consistent with stippling from a gunshot wound.

During an interview with a detective, Rogers said she was sleeping while her son was awake and her fiancée was in the bathroom when she woke up to both of them screaming, according to court documents.

"Rashaunda stated she believed (her son) fell into their metal TV stand," an affidavit read. "Rashaunda denied any firearms being in the residence or a gun being involved in the incident."

The detective then interviewed Rogers' fiancée, who reportedly said she was in the bathroom when she heard the boy screaming and found him standing injured by the bed.

She claimed Rogers told her the boy ran into the TV stand.

Rogers then told the detective the boy accidentally shot himself after finding their semi-automatic handgun, according to court records.

During a search of the apartment, investigators recovered a gun, spent shell casing and ammunition and also discovered a bullet hole in the bedroom ceiling.

When the detective followed up with Rogers, she indicated she kept the gun unsecured on the floor under their bed, according to an affidavit.

She reportedly put the gun in a hall closet after her son shot himself.

Rogers is being held in the Montgomery County Jail.