Woman arrested in 2017 Longboat Key double homicide

TAMPA (WFLA) — New court documents have revealed additional details about the co-conspirators involved in the 2017 Longboat Key double homicide that claimed the lives of night manager Timothy Hurley and security guard Kevin Carter.

Manatee County court documents revealed that Lotoya Hanna, the sister of Darryl Hanna Jr. who was the primary suspect in the murders, was recently arrested in connection to the killings.

Darryl and Lotoya were joined by Lotoya’s boyfriend Damien Garvin and a fourth unnamed co-conspirator during the deadly armed robbery at the Zota Beach resort on Aug. 4, 2017. Darryl Hanna Jr. was a security guard employed at the resort at the time of the crime.

Latoya Hanna served as a getaway driver while Darryl Hanna, Garvin, and the unnamed co-conspirator entered the resort with firearms, masks covering their faces, and gloves with plans to rob the hotel, according to the court documents.

During the robbery, Damien Garvin shot and killed Kevin Carter according to a confession by the unnamed co-conspirator, according to the affidavit.

Latoya reportedly rented the white van used to commit the armed robbery and drove the rented vehicle from Hollywood to Bradenton before renting a hotel room that was used before and after the robbery and murders.

Latoya then drove the group to the hotel and acted as the getaway driver while the crimes were being committed, according to court documents. She also owned the firearm that was used in the killings of Hurley and Carter.

Latoya Hanna is facing a charge of felony murder. Her first court appearance was on Jan. 18.

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