Bail for woman accused of stealing $2,500 worth of Stanley cups set at $150,000, must include GPS monitor

Bail for the woman accused of stealing more than five dozen Stanley drinking cups was set at $150,000 and would have to include wearing a GPS tracking device, officials said Tuesday.

Delany Garcia-Lopez, 23, was charged with single counts of grand theft, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a blood-alcohol level of at least .08, according to a complaint filed by the Placer County District Attorney's Office.

The 65 Stanley stainless steel drinking cups worth almost $2,500 were allegedly taken Wednesday at a Dick's Sporting Goods store on Stanford Ranch Road, according to police and court records.

While the six-digit bail and monitoring might seem exorbitant, a DA's spokesperson said the conditions are well within bounds of a felony grand theft charge.

“Placer County has and always will take theft seriously. Our community will not stand for people stealing from our local businesses,” DA Morgan Gire said in statement.

“Our office is committed to working with our local law enforcement partners, our business community, and residents to combat this issue and hold criminals accountable,” Gire said.

Records indicate Garcia-Lopez was still in custody on Wednesday. Her public defender could not immediately be reached for comment Tuesday.

A manager at Dick's Sporting Goods declined to discuss last week's theft.

Roseville officers were called Wednesday to a report of a theft in progress, police said.

“Staff saw a woman take a shopping cart full of Stanley water bottles without paying for them. The suspect refused to stop for staff and stuffed her car with the stolen merchandise,” police said in a statement Sunday. “An officer spotted the suspect vehicle as it entered Highway 65 from Galleria Blvd and initiated a traffic stop."

Police posted pictures of the car trunk and passenger seat stuffed with a variety of the popular cups.

Stanley cups have become highly sought in recent months, in the same way Yeti cups have been all the rage in recent years.

Social media influencers have also played a role in Stanley's popularity. The Quencher cup, which holds 40 fluid ounces and retails on the Stanley website at $45, has in particular become a fashionable item.

“While Stanley Quenchers are all the rage, we strongly advise against turning to crime to fulfill your hydration habits,” police said.

CORRECTION (Jan. 24, 2024, 3:00 p.m. ET): A previous version of this article misstated the incarceration status of Delany Garcia-Lopez. She is still in custody, not out on bail.

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