'The Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer Is Your Blinged-Out Taste of the Oscar Race

Esther Zuckerman

Is this the year of Leonardo DiCaprio raising a glass of champagne to America and playing troubled rich folk tumbling down in New York? First we had that iconic shot from The Great Gatsby with Leo revealing his face, framed by fireworks, to the tune of "Rhapsody in Blue." Now, in the trailer for Martin Scorsese's eagerly anticipated The Wolf of Wall Street, we have Leo toasting us on a yacht. 

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But that just scratches the surfaces of what this trailer contains. There's Matthew McConaughey's ongoing campaign for an Oscar, and Jonah Hill's ongoing campaign to be more than just a member of the Apatow crew. We've also got Kanye West's "Black Skinhead" off his new album Yeezus, and a plethora of crazy things going on in this based-on-real-life tale of '90s financial industry ridiculousness and corruption. For example: a woman wrapped in money, a little person being thrown, Leo holding a chimpanzee, and Hill eating some sort of bug. Among the less crazy sights: Kyle Chandler playing an FBI agent, because that's the type of thing he was born to do. 

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Early predictions have this film making its way into the Best Picture race. Time will tell, but for now we've got a pretty amusing first look on our hands. 

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