Witness: Texas party 'not rowdy' before gunfire

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An unidentified parent waits on a child at the scene of a suburban Houston shooting early Sunday Nov. 10, 2013. Two people have been killed and at least 22 others hurt when gunfire rang out at the large house party in the Cypress-area of Houston, sending partygoers fleeing in panic, according to authorities. (AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, Anita Hassan)

HOUSTON (AP) — A teenager who attended a large house party in suburban Houston where two people died says gunshots began in the house and continued outside as people ran into the streets seeking cover.

Shaniqua Brown says Saturday evening's birthday party "was not rowdy at all," and many people were dancing when they heard the shots.

As many as 22 were injured in the shooting in Cypress, and a Harris County sheriff's spokesman said Sunday two are in critical condition.

Authorities say they're seeking two gunmen. It wasn't clear how many shots were fired.

The 17-year-old Brown said she saw one gunman when she ran outside.

Pools of blood were visible outside the two-story brick home, and the garage door was bent after people had pushed it upward while trying to escape.