Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources official separates pair of eagles found stuck together

(WFRV) – Officials with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) say two eagles found on a walking trail needed to be separated as they were found stuck together.

According to a release, a DNR conservation warden was notified earlier this month by a local Sheriff’s Office that a pair of bald eagles had been found stuck together on a walking trail.

The DNR conservation warden responded to the area and found the two bald eagles alive and well but with their talons locked together.

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Officials say the eagles, either through courtship or aggression, may have been engaging in “talon-grappling” which is a normal behavior for these birds.

With guidance from DNR wildlife experts, the conservation warden carefully removed a stick that was grasped between the eagles’ talons and successfully disconnected the birds.

DNR officials are taking this incident as a reminder to the public that if anyone finds bald eagles that appear to be injured or are behaving oddly, they should keep their distance and contact a local wildlife rehabilitator.

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