Winnipeg hockey dad 'sorry' after verbal tirade at son's game; suspension sought

The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG - A Winnipeg father has apologized for a verbal tirade at a minor hockey game that was caught on video and posted to the Internet.

The video from the Monday game shows Jason Boyd yelling his disapproval when a referee deemed a hit to one of his son's opponents a head shot, calling the injured player a "midget."

It shows Boyd — who was holding a baby — then get into a heated argument with the camera holder and then with Chuck Kitson, whose 15-year-old son Emerson was on the receiving end of the hit.

Boyd says in a statement that he wishes to "sincerely apologize" to Kitson and his son, chalking up the incident to a "significant lapse in judgment."

Kitson says Boyd berated him — the footage shows Boyd threatening to "cave his (expletive) glasses in" if Kitson touched him — and that Boyd continued to berate players and officials throughout the remainder of the game.