Winner of $1.35 billion Mega Millions jackpot comes forward: Here's how much they'll get after taxes

The winner of the $1.35 billion Mega Millions jackpot has finally come forward to collect their winnings.

Lottery officials announced the claim Wednesday saying the winner of the fourth-largest jackpot in U.S. lottery history bought the ticket last month in Maine on Friday the 13th.

The winner claimed their winnings through a limited liability company, but if you're hoping to find out who the lucky winner was, you'll likely face the same odds trying to win the lottery jackpot.

Here's what to know about the winner of the Mega Millions winner:

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A Mega Million sign displays the estimated jackpot of $1.35 Billion at the Cranberry Super Mini Mart in Cranberry, Pa., Jan. 12, 2023.
A Mega Million sign displays the estimated jackpot of $1.35 Billion at the Cranberry Super Mini Mart in Cranberry, Pa., Jan. 12, 2023.

What do we know about the $1.35 billion Mega Millions winner?

Other than they claimed their winnings, nothing.

Mega Millions says some states require their lottery winners to be publicly identified, while others do not. The winner of the record $2.04 billion Powerball in California only had their name revealed, for example.

In this case, the winner was not required to be identified, as they accepted their winnings through the limited liability company LaKoma Island Investments, LLC.

Michael Boardman, deputy director of Maine Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages & Lottery Operation, told the Associated Press the winning ticket was validated when a representative came to the lottery headquarters on Friday.

The winner had the option of coming forward in person with the winning ticket or remaining anonymous through a trust, officials said.

A 'life-changing prize'

"The winner is thoughtfully considering the best uses of the life-changing prize," a representative for the winner said in a statement.

Boardman said he understands why someone would remain anonymous "with this kind of money."

"We wish them well and hope they do good things with it,” he told the Associated Press.

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How much money does the $1.35 billion Mega Millions winner get?

Officials said the winner chose the lump sum payment rather than the annuity option, which would have given him his winnings in annual payments over 29 years.

By choosing the lump sum, the winner will get $723.6 million, but that's before taxes. Boardman said the winner will receive more than $498 million after taxes, as $173.6 million will go to federal government and $51 million to the state.

Hometown Gas & Grill in Lebanon, Maine, where the ticket was sold, was given a $50,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

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What are the chances of winning Mega Millions?

While attractive, the odds of winning the giant jackpot are slim.

  • The odds of winning the jackpot are 302,575,350 to 1.

  • The odds to match all five white balls are 12,607,306 to 1.

What was biggest Mega Millions jackpot?

Here are the 10 highest jackpots ever since the Mega Millions began in 1996:

  1. $1.537 billion, Oct. 23, 2018: Won in South Carolina

  2. $1.348 billion, Jan. 13, 2023: Won in Maine

  3. $1.337 billion: July 29, 2022: Illinois

  4. $1.05 billion, Jan. 22, 2021: Won in Michigan

  5. $656 million, March 30, 2012: Three winners in Illinois, Kansas, Maryland

  6. $648 million, Dec. 17, 2013: Two winners in California, Georgia

  7. $543 million, July 24, 2018: Won in California

  8. $536 million, July 8, 20116: Won in Indiana

  9. $533 million: March 30, 2018: Won in New Jersey

  10. $522 million: June 7, 2019: Won in California

Largest lottery prizes in US history

Here are the largest lottery prizes in U.S. history, including Powerball:

  1. $2.04 billion, Powerball, Nov. 7, 2022: Won in California.

  2. $1.586 billion, Powerball, Jan. 13, 2016: Three winners in California, Florida, and Tennessee.

  3. $1.537 billion, Mega Millions, Oct. 23, 2018: Won in South Carolina.

  4. $1.348 billion, Mega Millions, Jan. 13, 2023: Won in Maine. 

  5. $1.337 billion, Mega Millions, July 29, 2022: Won in Illinois.

  6. $1.05 billion, Mega Millions, Jan. 22, 2021: Won in Michigan.

  7. $768.4 million, Powerball, March 27, 2019: Won in Wisconsin.

  8. $758.7 million, Powerball, Aug. 23, 2017: Won in Massachusetts.

  9. $754.6 million, Powerball, Feb. 6, 2023; Won in Washington.

  10. $730 million, Powerball, Jan. 20, 2021: Won in Maryland.

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