Plane Drives Through City And Brings Rush Hour Traffic To A Standstill


It’s not every day you’re stuck behind an plane in downtown traffic.

But this aircraft was spotted weaving in and out of cars in the streets of the Chinese city of Xi’an.

Luckily for motorists, the wings of the plane were removed in order for the craft to make it down narrow roads. Well, more narrow than a runway, anyway.


The sight of the 30m (100ft) long jet in midday traffic caused drivers and pedestrians to pause and take pictures.

The 30-tonne aeroplane was on its way to a local aviation school, where it will be used to train flight attendants.


The aircraft, which has been decommissioned, was bought from a local domestic airline by the school.

It took several minutes for the plane to be transported by a lorry through the streets, and pictures were posted on social media.

One web user who photographed the plane wrote: “I hear you have traffic jams in big cities – ours are quite different.”


(Pictures: CEN)

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