Windows 8 May Not Be Selling Well [REPORTS]

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The Problem With Windows 8
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Windows 8, Fully Formed

Windows 8 may not be off to a strong start. Sales aren't meeting Microsoft's own expectations, a longtime company observer says. At the same time, a major online PC retailer says sales of the new OS are "slow going."

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Blogger Paul Thurrott, writing on his Supersite for Windows, says Windows 8 isn't selling as well as Microsoft thought it would, citing a "trusted" source at the company. While it was clear that Windows 8, which radically changes the Windows interface to incorporate touch, likely wouldn't sell as quickly as other major releases, the report suggests the new OS isn't even meeting those lowered expectations.

Windows 8 sales haven't been that good for Newegg, either. Speaking to Slashgear, Newegg Senior Vice President of Product Management Merle McIntosh says the online retailer was prepared for huge demand at launch, which never materialized. However, he did say sales of Windows 8 hardware and software were "steadily improving."

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Thurrott's source says Microsoft is laying most of the blame on hardware manufacturers and their "inability to deliver." However, many PC makers shipped devices on or shortly after Windows 8's Oct. 26 launch. The report suggests Microsoft is disappointed with the initial designs of Windows 8 hardware, which comprises a wide variety of form factors, potentially leading to customer confusion.

There's also the extremely poor timing of the departure of Steven Sinofsky, who led the company's Windows division through the releases of Windows 7 and 8. Sinofsky left the company -- officially of his own accord -- just two weeks after the worldwide release of Windows 8. Microsoft's Julie Larson-Green (shown above) was named as his replacement.

So far the only official number for Windows 8 sales has been from Microsoft, which says the software has been downloaded 4 million times in the first four days after launch.

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