Williamsport boy helps educate church and school community

WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — In this week’s Here’s to You Kid segment, 28/22 News is focusing on an 11-year-old boy who is a leader in his community and church

Since Chris Chapman was four, he’s been attending Ebenezer Baptist Church in Williamsport.

“There was this deacon named Pastor Sapp and I used to just follow him around and he taught me everything to do, and he passed away a few years ago and then I just kept doing what he taught me,” said Chris, a junior deacon at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Chris became so knowledgeable that started teaching bible study classes on Facebook live. That caught the attention of his new pastor who was looking at the church on Facebook page to formularize herself with her new church community.

“But then I saw this young man on Thursdays doing these bible studies and I was like, ‘who’s this little man on here,’ and it was the junior deacon, Christopher, and he was such an incredible bible study teacher,” described Marquerita Story, Ph.D., senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

“It feels good because I’m teaching younger kids and adults things that they never knew before,” stated Chris.

Chris says he has been able to achieve so much at such a young age with the help and support of his family, but most importantly, God.

“Nobody can believe in you that you can do something more than God and yourself,” said Chris.

His willingness to teach and help goes beyond the church. A teacher at Chris’s school says he has the pleasure of interacting with Chris during recess and notices his kindness and compassion toward other kids.

“He just does a tremendous job just leading the other students and just being an overall positive influence on everybody,” described Kyle Huff, a 6th-grade ELA teacher at Andrew G. Curtin Intermediate School.

Chris continues to amaze teachers at his school.

“We had a student who recently came from Honduras who speaks no English whatsoever and he has embraced that student he has taught him American football,” explained Brenda Steele, 6th Grade math and science teacher.

Josh Aarons Sr. is a mentor and coach, and he says he treats Chris just like his own kid.

“We call him Deacon Chris because you know he just does everything right, you know he wants to be a leader. He believes god is the way, and he always, always, always wants to help,” said Aarons.

Chris also serves as an inspiration to many.

“Honestly he is an inspiration to me to continue to do what I do,” said Pastor Story.

Chris enjoys playing basketball and is pretty good at it and has won some awards, but when asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Chris said he has a higher calling than the NBA.

“I hope one day I can become a pastor or a bishop,” stated Chris.

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His mom says it makes her proud to see Chris doing something he loves and what she says he’s called to do.

“When I first realized his passion for this um because he just used to come up to the altar and just pray. I encouraged him but I just kind of let him find his own way and his own walk with God,” said Megan Rogers, Chris’s mom.

“Anything you believe in you can achieve,” advised Chris.

“It’s his character his integrity and the decisions that he makes daily that set him apart and above,” described Adam Paulhamus, assistant principal at Andrew G. Curtin Intermediate School.

“I just love Chris and I just want to say go and I hope he becomes this amazing individual that not only Williamsport and the Lycoming Area gets to speak of but that this will be something that the world will say oh my gosh he came from central PA and he was always incredible,” said Pastor Story.

Chris’s achievements don’t stop there! He is a junior camp counselor and was awarded camper of the year. He also helps out with his brother Mason, who was featured in another Here’s to You Kid.

Here’s to you Chris!

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