Williamsburg City Council to receive funding for infrastructure, waterpark expansion

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Apr. 11—WILLIAMSBURG — Mayor Roddy Harrison was proud to announce that Williamsburg will be receiving substantial state funding for upcoming projects at Monday's regular meeting of city council.

According to Mayor Harrison, the city will be receiving $3 million for sewer infrastructure projects and an additional $1.5 million for further expansion of the Kentucky Splash Water Park.

Mayor Harrison also wished to extend his thanks to Senate President Robert Stivers and State Representative Nick Wilson for pushing through the funding for the city.

He said, "I want to thank Senator Stivers and Representative Wilson on their help for securing this important funding for us."

In other news, the Williamsburg City Council also agreed to renew the interlocal occupational tax agreement which had been tabled at the previous months meeting.

In March's meeting, council member Richard Foley expressed concern for accepting the ordinance due to possible legislation in the Kentucky General Assembly that would require cities to pay the county in which they reside a percentage of the fees for housing inmates who were arrested within the city limits.

However, Mayor Harrison noted at the meeting that their concerns had since been resolved, prompting the passing of the resolution. According to the Legislative Research Commission, the House Bill 687 had yet to make it out of committee.

Additionally, the city is also looking to create a contract with Rodger's Hydrant Service of Tennessee to service fire hydrants within the city limits.

According to Mayor Roddy Harrison, the service provided would seek to repair the existing fire hydrants instead of outright replacing them, saving the city a substantial amount of money.

The cost of replacing a fire hydrant is at least $2,500, while repairing them only costs, at most, $1,500.

The service will also periodically visit the city and scan for any issues with hydrants, helping to stay on top of the situation.