Will government ever get tech’ right? A George H. W. Bush Foundation discussion

Olivier Knox, Yahoo News
Yahoo News
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There was no Internet when George Bush got the keys to the White House 25 years ago. There was no Internet when he left it, either – the last president to serve an entire term without the World Wide Web.

Now, as part of events marking a quarter-century since he took office, the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation is hosting two panel discussions focused on diplomacy and warfare in the digital age and how government and democracy have adapted to the era of social media and the demands that the high-tech environment places on communications, transparency and accountability.

What does government get wrong about high tech? What does it get right? How are citizens using technology to pressure government, or fill in gaps in services? Why are political campaigns so often better than government at harnessing the benefits of technological progress? Can the United States win friends and discredit enemies online? Will the next war be fought on a virtual battlefield?

Yahoo News will be streaming the program starting around 3:15 p.m. eastern (2:00 p.m. Texas time).

3:15 PM: Technology Brief - Where are We Today? - Remarks by Digital Pioneer Joe Trippi

3:30 PM: The Future Of Democracy - Technology and Governing

Yahoo News Chief Washington Correspondent Olivier Knox moderates a discussion with Lorelei Kelly of the New America Foundation, Matt Lira of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and Seamus Kraft of the OpenGov Foundation

4:30 PM: Geopolitics, Diplomacy and Warfare in the Digital Age

Trippi moderates a discussion with Lt. Gen. Edward Cardon of the U.S. Army Cyber Command, Macon Phillips, of the U.S. Department of State and Scott Carpenter of Google Ideas.

Additional information is available at www.CelebrateBush25.com or the Twitter feed @PresBush41Info.