Wichita landscaping company, owner face over $25,000 in restitution, penalties

A Wichita landscaping business and its owner face paying over $25,000 after being accused of consumer violations.

The Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office alleges that AJ Landscaping and Irrigation and its owner, Anthony Davis, violated the Kansas Consumer Protection Act by failing to disclose to a consumer that the business was not licensed to perform the work and failing to provide a “material benefit after the consumer was forced to hire a second contractor to correct and finish” a concrete retaining wall, according to a news release from the office.

Both AJ Landscaping and Davis “denied intentionally” violating the consumer protection act but accepted a consent judgment to settle the matter. They agreed to pay over $5,900 in restitution to the consumer, and the court assessed $20,000 in civil penalties plus court and investigative expenses, the release said.

AJ Landscaping and Davis promised to refrain from future work they do not have the license or skill to perform and to cooperate with the investigation of any future complaints.

“They also promised future door-to-door sales will include proper notification of the three-day right to cancel under Kansas law,” according to the release.

Both were placed on a 12-month probationary period with the Consumer Protection Division.