Wichita Falls area restaurant inspections: Dead insects, dented cans, cleaning needed

Here are the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Public Health District restaurant inspection scores for May 12–19.

Scores in each category are listed by most recent inspection date. The health department conducts regular restaurant inspections to help keep residents and visitors safe.

During the time period of May 12-19, the department conducted 37 inspections at 26 sites. A few sites that passed but had no scores on their reports are not listed.

Restaurant inspections
Restaurant inspections

Disclaimer: On any given day, an establishment may have fewer or more violations than noted in their most recent inspection. An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long-term conditions at the establishment. Inspections for temporary events are not included.

Perfect Scores

  • Jefferson Elementary School, 4628 Mistletoe

  • Johnny Carino’s Catering, 4330 Kell Blvd. West

  • FAS-PAC deli, 1201 Central Expressway

  • Rapid Fired Pizza, 4730 Taft Blvd.

  • Pecan Shed Fudge, 1401 Midwestern Parkway

  • United Supermarket, all departments, 311 South Ave. D, Burkburnett

  • Walgreens, 4600 Kell Blvd.

  • Residence Inn, 4233 Kell Blvd. East

High to Moderate Scores

  • Johnny Carino’s Restaurant, 4330 Kell Blvd. West: 92

  • FAS-PAC Food Store, 1201 Central Expressway: 99

  • Rolling Meadows, 3006 McNiel Ave.: 99

  • Subway, 5131 Greenbriar Road: 99

  • City View Mart, 1723 Cimarron Trail: 98

  • Relianse MAR Best, 1008 Sheppard Road: 96

  • Subway, 1501 Midwestern Parkway: 99

  • Haynes Head Start, 1705 Katherine Drive: 99

  • Eskimo Hut, 4138 Seymour Highway: 99

  • Texas Xpress, 911 Kemp Blvd.: 90

  • Chick-Fil-A, 3704 Call Field Road: 91

  • Candy Craze, 3111 Midwestern Parkway: 97

  • Cowtown snack bar, 1165 Texas 79 N.: 89

  • Cowtown, 1165 Texas 79 N: 95

Low score and why

Y-Mart, 5001 Southwest Parkway: 80

Inspector notes: Unable to confirm how establishment is sanitizing ice scoop. Three dented cans removed from shelves by employee during inspection to be discarded. Two-compartment sink faucet is not properly installed and must be repaired. An employee must provide proof of current food handler certificate within 10 business days from inspection. Chemical testing strips needed to test sanitizer effectiveness. Thermometers provided.

Repeat violation: hand-washing sink must be easily accessible. Employee moved items to make sink acceptable during inspection. Observed large gap under front door that must be covered to prevent pest entry. Dead insects must be removed from food prep area. Vents must be cleaned. Ice machine shield must be cleaned. Ice scoop must be stored at least 6 inches off the floor. Damaged ceiling tiles in back area must be made cleanable. Cabinetry under sink must be made cleanable. Soap needed in employment restroom.

Conditional permit issued

Burkburnett Girls Softball League: 93

This article originally appeared on Wichita Falls Times Record News: How Wichita Falls restaurants scored in health inspections May 12-19