Wichita contractor must pay $11K after failing to deliver supplies, not giving refund

A Wichita contractor is being ordered to pay over $11,000 after being accused of failing to deliver fence panels to a customer and not providing a refund.

The Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office launched an investigation after a customer filed a consumer complaint against Justin Henry, who does business as JH Industries, a news release from the DA’s office said.

The DA’s consumer protection division alleges that Henry violated the Kansas Consumer Protection Act “when he failed to deliver the fence panels she [customer] paid for in advance and also failed to provide a promised refund,” according to the release.

The DA’s office attempted to resolve the dispute by asking for a full refund instead of taking legal action. He did not respond to the request.

“Legal action occurred after Henry failed to respond to the demand,” the DA’s office said. “The court found the failures to be deceptive and/or unconscionable under the KCPA.”

As part of the ruling, the court is ordering Henry to pay $390 in restitution to the customer and $10,000 in civil penalties, plus court costs and investigation fees, the release said.

“The court also ordered Henry to refrain from engaging in consumer transactions in Kansas until all restitution, costs and fees are paid,” the DA’s office said.