Why your personal brand matters

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“Personal branding is how we market ourselves to others,” says Donna DeBerry, a marketing and branding expert. A personal brand takes entrepreneurship to a more meaningful level, and it's something that can increase sales through carefully planned action.

DeBerry's has four tips to reach current and potential customers through personal branding:

  • Be seen online and off: Your customers have many choices, and you need to go to where they are. Whether that’s on Facebook or on a panel at a speaking engagement, it's important you be seen and easily identified.
  • First and last impressions last 14 seconds: Condense and personalize your elevator pitch. How can you turn a greeting into communication that evangelizes your business to your customers?
  • Give people reasons to connect you with your company: Position yourself as a leader and your company as a pioneering endeavor. It could help you earn media attention and build your customer base.
  • Become known for something: What you say and do need to dovetail with what your company is known for.

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