Why USC’s first 2025 class commit Jayden Sellers could be a game changer for the Gamecocks

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The University of South Carolina’s first class of 2025 commit will bring pro-caliber speed to the Gamecocks offense.

South Florence High School wide receiver Jayden Sellers committed to USC on Thursday, Oct. 26, via X (formerly known as Twitter).

The decision made sense, as Sellers’ brother, LaNorris Sellers, is a freshman quarterback for the Gamecocks.

“I just felt like the time was right, and my brother is there, of course, so that’s why I committed,” Sellers said. “We’ve been doing it since we were young, so I just wanted to do it in college, too. He was telling me to go ahead and commit.”

As Sellers is only a junior and less than two years away from suiting up in Columbia, here’s what he could bring to the Gamecock’s offense once he dons the garnet, black and white.

Jayden Sellers’ speed will set him apart at USC

By the numbers, Jayden Sellers’ speed is already NFL-caliber. Sellers, who is 16, has been recorded running a 4.39 40-yard dash, according to South Florence football head coach Drew Marlowe. Sellers ran a 4.39 during the 2023 summer, Marlowe added.

For context, had Sellers attended the 2023 NFL Combine and run a 4.39, as recorded by South Florence, he would have been one of the fastest wide receivers at the combine, according to data compiled by Pro Football Network.

“He has uncommon speed,” Marlowe said. “I mean, he’s not fast. He’s a different level.”

Sellers said he mirrors himself off of Irmo, S.C., native and New York Giants wide receiver Jalin Hyatt.

“I liked how fast he is (and) how he just burns everybody,” Sellers added.

Nicknamed “Puppy” due to being the youngest player on the team as a freshman Jayden said, Sellers’ speed development was somewhat of a surprise to his father, Norris Sellers, who himself played a year at Division II at Chowan University.

Norris said the second of his three sons had typically run shorter routes in games, concealing his quickness, but toward the end of his sophomore campaign, showed his speed.

“It really showed the end of last season,” Norris said in an interview with The Sun News. “We didn’t think he was that fast ... once they put him in space, and he was able to make one or two moves, and he was gone, I was like, ‘Where did that come from?’ ”

Part of the reason Sellers committed to USC is because head coach Shane Beamer’s offense will allow him to showcase his speed.

“I like how they put their receivers in the backfield and use them for almost everything, a running back-receiver type position,” Sellers said. “Coach Beamer said he likes my speed and how I attack the ball.”

The only question is, will Sellers retain his speed by the time he arrives in Columbia. Jayden tore his ACL tendon in September, but Norris Sellers said the recovery is going well.

“He’s understanding that things happen for a reason,” Norris Sellers said in an interview with The Sun News. “And this minor setback is going to prepare (Jayden) for a greater comeback.”

Another aspect of Jayden’s game that could help the Gamecocks is his familiarity with his brother LaNorris Sellers’ style of play. Norris Sellers said Jayden first got his opportunity to play because he could catch LaNorris’ passes.

“He was one of, I’d say, three at that time who could really catch the balls LaNorris threw because he throws with a high-velocity ball,” Norris said. “A lot of guys couldn’t catch it.”

How the Gamecock and Shane Beamer went all in to get Jayden Sellers

South Florence High School’s Jayden Sellers runs with the football. The junior recently committed to the University of South Carolina.
South Florence High School’s Jayden Sellers runs with the football. The junior recently committed to the University of South Carolina.

Jayden Sellers first began getting noticed after his sophomore season in 2022, Norris said. Programs had made note of him before due to being LaNorris Seller’s brother, but they began reaching out and heavily recruiting Jayden this year.

Syracuse was the first to make Jayden an offer, Norris said. Syracuse had also made an offer to LaNorris, who had verbally committed to the university before switching to USC, according to Syracuse.com.

USC ultimately prevailed again over the Orange, as the Gamecocks coaching staff went all out to recruit Jayden too, Norris Sellers said.

Norris said Jayden was in contact with Beamer, Justin Stepp and other members of the Gamecock coaching staff at least once a day. Norris added USC coaches joked about how badly they wanted the South Florence star.

“(USC coaches said) You’re the one. We just used your brother just to get you to come and commit to us, and we really wanted you the whole time,” Norris Sellers said. “It was just a joke that they always throw at us.”

Marlowe and Norris both said Jayden intends to forge his own path forward in college football.

“Jaden never was the one that lived in his brother’s shadow,” Norris said. “He always wanted to make a name for himself.

“I don’t think he’s going to go to South Carolina just because his brother’s there,” Marlowe said. “I think if he decides and chooses to go to South Carolina is going to be because he wants to go there.”

He did decide, and USC’s pitch ultimately won out.

Sellers added location was also part of the decision-making process.

“I like that it’s close to home, they’ve got nice facilities, and they’ve got great coaches,” Sellers said.

Phil Kornblut contributed to this story