Why Swifties are convinced a second ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ album is coming

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Does Taylor Swift have a surprise double album up her sleeve?

“1989 (Taylor’s Version),” the rerecorded version of Swift’s 2014 studio album, dropped Oct. 27, exactly nine years after the original album’s release.

Swifties have known this release was coming for a while, but many fans are also wondering if there’s a surprise second “1989” album on the way.

Swift is known for hiding elaborate Easter eggs in her music videos and social media posts, and in the opinion of some fans, she’s planted subtle clues pointing to the existence of a “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” double album.

Let’s break down a few of the “double album” theories being circulated by Swifties and self-described "double album truthers."

The 'Bejeweled' music video theory

Some Swifties believe the singer laid the groundwork for a “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” double album last year in the music video for the song “Bejeweled” from 2022’s “Midnights.”

In the video, there’s an elevator whose buttons appear to represent each of Swift’s previous albums. When the elevator reaches the floor representing her original “1989” album from 2014, everything is in mirror image, which some fans believe hints at the existence of a double album.

“in the bejeweled music video when taylor reaches the 5th floor everything is doubled…” one fan wrote on the X social media platform, formerly known as Twitter, sharing a photo of the mirror-image effect.

“okay Taylor Nation we see you. this is the scene when she gets off at Floor 5. i’m starting to believe this double album theory for 1989 Taylor’s Version, it’s gonna be chaotic,” another fan posted on X.

'The Man' music video theory

Some Swifties also believe there’s a major Easter egg in the 2020 music video for “The Man,” from her “Lover” album.

In one scene, there’s a wall graffitied with the names of some of her past albums, including “1989.”

Some eagle-eyed fans noticed that “1989” is actually written twice on the wall, once in black and once in white, hinting at a possible double album.

“1989 is written twice on the wall, once in white and once in a darker color. So possibly a second re-recording with a different sound and collabs, like a rock or a moody acoustic version,” one fan wrote on X.

This particular theory has been in the works for a while now. Even a year ago, some Swifties wondered whether the double “1989”s on the subway wall pointed toward a double album.

“In The Man video. Karma and 1989 were both written twice on the subway wall. It’s written in black and then higher up in orange (the second 1989 is cut off in this image). It’s why there is also the 1989 double album theory and why people thought Karma was the lost album,” one X user posted in October 2022.

The Shania Twain theory

Swift sparked another round of double album theories when she stepped out in a Shania Twain T-shirt earlier this month.

The singer has shared her admiration for Twain before — notably in a 2021 TikTok video, when she wrote in the caption that she had "learned from the best" in terms of Twain's shift from country to pop.

Given Swift's fondness for Twain, some fans wondered if Swift is taking inspiration from the singer in more ways than one.

“WE ARE GETTING A DOUBLE ALBUM. Taylor kept saying a lot of Shania Twain things. Shania Twain did what? A DOUBLE ALBUM,” one fan wrote on X.

Twain actually released three versions of her 2002 studio album, “Up!”, including a pop version, a country version and a version inspired by Bollywood music.

But in any case, many Swifties are wondering if Twain's multiple album releases may have inspired Swift.

Some fans have noted a possible parallel between the colors of Twain’s three albums (red, green and blue) and similar colors used by Swift in some of her merch.

“Oh and did you notice the color scheme? Red green & blue… sounds familiar huh?” one fan wrote on X.

This fan theory has also been making the rounds since at least last year.

“i have this feeling that taylor’s “chaotic surprise” is her pulling a shania Up! double album; pop version, country version,” one person posted on X in October 2022. “leaving this here bc if i’m correct then i’m truly convinced multiverse tyler works for taylor swift.”

The 'Two' theory

Some fans have speculated that the word “Two” could be spelled out in the various album photos from the just-released "1989 (Taylor’s Version)," hinting at a double album.

One fan argued that the letter “T” could be seen in a photo of Swift standing with her arms outstretched, the letter “W” in a picture of Swift curving her arms upward and the letter “O” in a photo of the singer cupping her hands around her mouth.

“why 1989 deluxe taylor’s version is coming out next: a thread,” the fan wrote in September. “the back of her albums spell out 2… like 2 versions of 1989.”

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