Why are Nature Valley granola bars so messy?

(NEXSTAR) — They’re the snappy, crunchy and nutty snacks you’re likely to see in just about any vending machine anywhere — the green-wrapped Nature Valley granola bars. Maybe they got you through an early morning college class or helped tide you over before lunch at work — whatever the situation, you can bet it probably made a mess.

Why is that?

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One needn’t look far to find ranting and raving about the bars online. Just a few of the Reddit threads dedicated to them include “These Nature Valley bars need to come with an ashtray” and the slightly more aggrieved “F— Nature Valley bars.”

But it turns out the company isn’t unaware of how crumbly the bars can be. In fact, General Mills, which owns Nature Valley, sees the mess as a signature feature.

“It’s no secret that enjoying one of our delicious Nature Valley Crunchy bars may come with a side of crumbs but as a brand that’s been making the product for nearly 50 years, this key characteristic is something unique that sets us apart,” Nature Valley Senior Brand Manager Lindsay Backer told Nexstar.

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But this is not to say the company hasn’t tried making the bars less messy.

Turns out, it just didn’t feel right.

“Even as we tweaked our recipe to deliver a softer texture a few years ago, we made the decision to embrace the crumbs as we know our fans expect this as part of eating a Nature Valley Crunchy bar,” Backer continued.

So don’t expect the bars to change anytime soon.

But if you’re a crumb-hater, Nature Valley shared a few recommendations for a less-crumby experience with Slate back in 2018. For added softness, Nature Valley’s hack is a quick pop in the microwave for a warm and chewier snack. Alternatively, yogurt lovers can break up the bars while they’re still wrapped and pour it into their yogurt for extra crunch.

And if all else fails, there’s a reason vacuums exist. Happy granola eating!

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